To Buffet or not to Buffet? That is the Question!

Once you begin your wedding planning, plethora of ideas are sure to come your way. Selecting exactly what you require, within the budget you have, can become extremely confusing. San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, takes a look today on how to spark shrewd sense into your wedding decision making.

After having recently completed one of my PIA weddings, another one is right around the corner. So I was having a conversation with the bride-to-be, and she was facing the one dilemma that I am sure each of you married couples have faced in their lives: the decision to either have a sit-down dinner or buffet for the wedding reception.

Think Rationally

Well, to be honest, it’s quite a hard decision, so I advice you don’t rush things, or do what your heart desires. Give this decision some time; like I told my PIA bride, this decision can’t be made in a day, however, prolonging the decision might cause problems for you later.

Quantity Vs. Quality

While a buffet might be cost-effective for you but you need to make sure both quantity and quality don’t suffer. You may be itching to increase the menu, but I advice you don’t stretch the buffet table so long, that your guests are left perplexed. Choose tasty, healthy food that majority is going to admire.

Budget Considerations

Budget is crucial when deciding upon whether you’d want a formal sit-down or a buffet. My advice to you is to go over your guest list and see if there are people you know who have aversions to certain meals. In a buffet, since there is a variety, the guest can choose for himself who to eat and what not to eat.

Setting under the Sun

In addition to this, if you’re hosting a summer /spring wedding, buffets are more appropriate. They can be organized outside and a large party can be served at ease. However, for winter wedding, try not to have the dinner outdoors; nights can become extremely chilly so its preferable to have a cozy sit down meal with your guests inside that have them sit out in the cold

How do you decide to upon this dilemma?

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