{It’s Your Birthday} Party Ideas and Inspirations

Whether you are turning one, or one hundred, birthdays are a special ocassion. San Antonio wedding and event consultants, Principles in Action agree! So here’s to you, the old and the young, a few of my favorite party ideas, to get the event up and rolling!

Yesterday, on my birthday, my staff gave me a grand birthday party! The entire day was just fabulous: my favorite food was prepared: salmon and spinach souffle, my office looked majestic with all the party and decor, and not to mention all the party favors that were distributed around!
This had me thinking: age is but a number, so why don’t I give you a little inside advice on how you can spark up your birthday party-without looking kiddish!

Sprinkle Some Silver

If you are hosting a party for someone who is turning 25 or more, give the shades of the events theme metallic. Silver signifies elegance, so I advice you accent the events theme around it!

Flash it up

Light up the party, use streamers, medallions, posters and paper globes to ‘flash’ your birthday party. So what if it’s a birthday party for adults, nobody likes to hear Aunt Muriel drone about the first time she met Uncle Jim. So include live music, dances and party games to set the mood right for your guests!


Never too old for Balloons

You may be itching to get those magnificent colored balloons for your party, but the thought that your boss is going to be there to observe your childhood fantasies is stopping you to. I say, it’s your birthday and you have all the right to celebrate it. You can never get too old for balloons, add them up- but not so much that they get in everyones way!


Palette Perfect

One of the most beautiful event themes that has never failed to impressed me is decorating the decor using hues of the same color. If you are decorating for a female, use bright bold colors like red and pinks, and for a male, I advice using darker shades like gray and blue.

What has made your birthday party ‘pop’? Let us know below!

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