A Walk to Remember {Wedding Aisle Designs}

Here in San Antonio, wedding planners at Principles in Action believe… in action! We help in transforming your dreams to a grandiose reality! The wedding experts here in Principles in Action, San Antonio, know how to turn your desires (little or large) and making them happen way better than you aspired for!

Most brides that I meet don’t really take into notice the isle runner they would want for their wedding ceremony. Its one small detail if not taken care of at the beginning might cause problems for you later. These days, the trend has shifted towards having a custom isle runner for the bridal party to walk. Whether the wedding ceremony is indoors or outdoors, isle runners look very neat. It’s preferable you decorate the path along the lines of the theme of your wedding.
I have compiled some of my favorite ways of decorating ‘the aisle’ to make it memorable.

~Flower Lovers~

For outdoor wedding ceremony, I believe the best choice to go with are flowers. However, make sure the floweres you are using are in season; you don’t want the setting to wilt before you can say ‘I do!”


~Glow with Lanterns~

At most of thhe weddings I’ve attended lanterns are slowly replacing the floral decor and I think if you are opting for an evening wedding ceremony, this is perfect. The hues are majestic when it’s dark, and you can be under a true spotlight while walking.

~Calling out the Candles~

For those fancying other ways to add glow to their walk can do so with candles. I advise you put them inside glass vases to add a elegant touch to the decor and place them by the seats with flower baskets!

~Custom Aisle Runners~

Brides, making a memorable walk is not that hard. Lanterns and candles may be great to decorate the seats, however, if you are looking to give an aisle runner a classic finish add up your names (the wedding couple) and the date of your wedding. It can serve as great wedding memento later as well.

How would create a glam in your walk down the aisle?

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