{Living on the Edge} Bachelor Party Ideas

Talking about bachelorette parties had me thinking a few things our ‘grooms brigade’ can do while the girls are off taking a well-deserved break. Let’s face it guys, it’s the night you’d want to remember for life-so why not do something that’s going to create a stir for good?

Hanging around in bars is over-done!

 Get out and enjoy life as it should be. You might not get ample time to spend with your friends like this again so why not do something that you normally don’t get to do with your friends.

Don’t risk it!

It’s better to relax and have fun and not exert yourself before the wedding. If you are planning a getaway with friends, better do it a week or fortnight before the wedding. Why risk getting out of town before the day of your wedding. It might sound thrilling, but play it safe. The last thing you would want is to be stuck in an island unknown on the day of your wedding.

Choose and let loose!

A few activities that you can plan for yourself and your buddies include:
Bungee jumping
Snorkeling/scuba diving

Mountain boarding
Yacht sailing
or why not try to watch your favorite extreme sports live. I bet the Grand Prix is sure to dazzle you more than Vegas.

Your day Your rules!

Do what you love doing; even if that means sightseeing. Organize a trip so that you can be close to nature. Why spend it locked up in a room?There’s a myth about a bachelor party that it has to end badly- well it doesn’t have to if you keep control of the alcohol and not do anything rash that is likely to cause a dispute between you and your to-be wife. By that I don’t mean you have to let your bride plan your bachelor party, but it would be much appreciated by her if you don’t do anything silly that later might hurt her in any way.

So, let us know, would you do it differently for your buddy?

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