{Relax and Retreat} Bachelorette Spa Parties

Ladies, your San Antonio wedding planner, Principles in Action is not just about the wedding. We love to do it all the way just for you. Being an Expert San Antonio bridal consultant is one of our feats which is why we take special care in planning a ‘bridal retreat’ for you and your gal pals!!

Your bachelorette party- like wedding- is the moment that is quite special to you and those closest to you. Whenever I meet with a to-be-bride, they always ask me for my advice as to what they should do at their bachelorette party. The bride to-be is faced will a great dilemma: should she invite each of her friends and have a formal sit-down meal, or should she invite just their closest friends and go on a road-trip? Should the bachelorette party be only for a day? Or is it feasible to organize a weekend-getaway?
The choices are limitless- but it all depends on the wedding budget that can spared to organize the bachelorette party as well as the on the schedule of guests: whether they all can make it or not.

Doing it Differently

One great plan for a bachelorette party that I believe can be scheduled keeping everyone’s agenda in mind is the ‘spa-party’. The party lasts for a day minimum but the amount of fun you and your girls can have in this time is everlasting. This is by far the best way you can relax and retreat with your friends and let go of all the wedding preparation stress.

Being Pampered

You don’t get time to pamper yourself everyday so why not arrange for this day out with your friends in the spa resort of your choice. If you are planning to visit another town or city to celebrate your day as a bachelorette, check in with the spa resort for availability of rooms-on peak seasons there’s a good chance you might not find any vacancy or the prices might shoot up.

Putting Your Worries Behind

A spa treatment is exactly what you need after all the strain you’ve been through because of the wedding planning. The benefit of organizing this ‘spa retreat’ is that it’s appreciated by everyone-old and young. You can take along your mother and even your mother-in-law to spend a day relaxing and getting pampered.

How do you feel about spa bachelerotte parties? Let us know your thoughts below!

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