Guest Blogger: Rhobin Tudyk of R. Denise Photography

San Antonio wedding consultants, Principles in Action always work to create a strong affiliation with those they work along with. The vendors I interact and work with are my pride, and this blog is dedicated to one of them. I worked with Rhobin Tudyk of R. Denise Photography recently at a wedding and found her companionship quite professional and amiable.

Hello and congratulations to the future brides and grooms reading this. My name is Rhobin Tudyk and I am the owner and main photographer for R. Denise Photography. In my field of work, I deal with so many (confused) brides and grooms (and moms and dads and sisters!) who come to me on a weekly basis for their wedding photography consultation. Since weddings are a grand event, they usually are unable to handle the process and resultantly can’t provide me with an accurate time line for their big day. Such disorientation is common as this is a first time for most of them to plan a wedding for themselves.

Recently I have had the most wonderful pleasure of working with Ansonya Burke of Principles in Action Event and Wedding Design. And after getting to know her expertise, my biggest advice to the couples….. hire a wedding consultant, immediately! So often many couples opt to skip on a wedding consultant as they don’t see it as a necessity that fits into their budget or just can’t justify the extra money on something they think they can do themselves or they appoint someone within the wedding party to control and delegate details that they have had no prior experience in. But what they often don’t realize is the amount of time that would go into the details of planning a wedding or the amount of constant communication that must be kept with their vendors.

 A wedding consultant not only helps with the planning of your big day but also helps TREMENDOUSLY on the day of the wedding. In my experience, weddings with a consultant go on without a hitch and the bride and groom get to focus completely on what they intend on celebrating, the event itself as well as all of their guests and most importantly, each other.

Ansonya was a Godsend from the bridal session until the wedding ended late into the p.m. hours. So, before you search for the ultimate venue or even your perfect photographer, find a wedding consultant. It will be one investment you will be so happy you made. 


All Photo Credits: R. Denise Photography

Rhobin has been practicing photography for almost 20 years and owns and operates a studio in the Stone Oak San Antonio area. In addition to wedding photography she also covers family, newborn, maternity and many other aspects of photography. Her website can be found at


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