Hopping into Happiness {Easter Candy Buffet}

San Antonio wedding and event consultants, Principles in Action, love traditions. Every event that we organize is special to us, and we’re always looking to add sweetness to your special occasions.


Candy buffets have become all the rage these days. It’s all one gets to see at weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvah and other special holidays. A few days back I shared with you all certain information about how to decorate your candy buffet for Saint Patrick’s Day much to the delight of many of my followers.

Hence, it gives me immense pleasure in sharing with you another inspirational post about your Easter Party Candy Buffet. The rule is simple: Include your favorite candies, and present them in a style that makes them the ‘talk of the town’. If you want to create a buzz this Easter, present your friends and family a treat that will have them hopping for more, literally!

Presentation is key. It is what will single out your Candy Buffet from the many people might see elsewhere. Also, you would want to keep people interested to eat the candies not just admire the artwork. Include a colorful assortment; and don’t just settle for chocolates.

Knowing it’s Easter, chocolate eggs are sure to make a appearance in every Easter Party. But try and include other candies too, and wrap them in artistic labels so your guests can choose their favorites!

Sending the candies out to friends and family on this joyful occasion will magnify the happiness for you; so I advice keeping goody bags at hand. If someone is unable to make it to your party, send them over a Easter Memento that they can remember you by!

How do you celebrate Easter? Share with us below!
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