{Desirable Decor} Paper Lanterns for Parties

Here in San Antonio, wedding planners at Principles in Action believe… in action! We help in transforming your dreams to a grandiose reality! The wedding experts here in Principles in Action, San Antonio, know how to turn your desires (little or large) and making them happen way better than you aspired for!

The number one rule of setting up a wedding decor, that I tell my bride and grooms is to keep it simple. Dazzling bright lights can only have your guests running for cover, and the same goes for overdoing the decorations. Here, I don’t mean to keep the decorations to a minimal- the decor needs to shine through- but not become an eye-sore for your guests.

Pick your style

A quite chic way of setting up the reception decor is via Paper Lanterns. There are multiple places that you can order them from. Additionally, I warn you-you are going to get spoilt for choice with Paper Lanterns. You have a choice of Paper Lanterns according to the design: square, oval, round, sphere; or color; and even by sizes.

One for every ocassion

Weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, paper lanterns serve as great wedding decorations for every event that you are organizing. What’s more you can use them to decorate an indoor reception area or even outdoors. Hang them on the aisle runner or have them up on the dance floor: they are sure to dazzle their way through!

Day and Night

One great advantage of decorating with paper lanterns is how you can use them for a day event as well as for an evening party. If your afternoon party is expected to stretch long, I advise decorating the place with lanterns so you can light the area on sunset to create a chic glow to the decor.

Some of my favorite places to shop for Paper Lanterns are:

Let us know what you think about paper lanterns? Have you used them to decorate your event?

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2 thoughts on “{Desirable Decor} Paper Lanterns for Parties

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