Envelope in Luxury {Boxed Wedding Invitations}

San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, love not only creating outstanding events, but our Wedding Expert, Ansonya Burke makes sure each and every aspect of your wedding planning is done with flair.

If there’s anything that’s taking huge leap in the wedding industry these days, it is the boxed wedding invites. Plain envelopes have taken quite a back seat now that couples have an array of exquisite boxes to choose from to wrap their wedding invitations.
Known for their regal and luxurious designs, boxed wedding invitations have slowly gained appreciation in the wedding industry. Couples have a choice to tie up their invites in their favorite ‘box’ made from different materials.
Additionally, you can send out pre-wedding favors such as chocolates or other small delights inside the box. This is usually preferred by Asian brides who distribute sweets when giving out good news and is considered a good omen in their culture.
Not only that, wrap them up in silk or satin and attach a brooch to make it look neat. It gives a very royal appeal to the invite and is sure to wow your guests with your chic style.

Embossed, engraved and exceptional: Boxed wedding invitations have got us raving. What about you?

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