Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice {Birthday Candy Buffet}

Make your kid’s birthday as bright, bubbly and beautiful as he/she is!
Birthdays always bring moments of joys. San Antonio Wedding and Event Planners, Principles in Action, may set up your altar to perfection, but we also know a thing or two about making your birthday party special for you and your kid.
How do you make your kid’s special day special?
Birthday parties these days are not just limited to a gathering of close family and friends; you have to include certain features that distinguish your party from the rest. This way you can entrance guests, and really create a surprise for everyone.
One such way is by organizing a candy buffet. You may be thinking how it only looks appropriate at weddings, but the truth is far from it. Now for every occasions, candy buffets have been customized to present a new flavor to the attending guests.
With a kid’s birthday planning, there’s a lot you can do. If it’s a themes party, half the work is already done. You don’t have to think over what the theme for candy buffet is going to be. Use your creativity to the extreme and search for ideas that are extremely welcoming to kids.
Think like a child: You may want to keep everything pretty and pristine, and that’s exactly what I advise you to do so. But don’t make it bland. Use as many bright colors you can lay your hands on.
Since it’s a party for kids, it’s vital you have all their favorites, but remember to label them. There might be kids who are allergic to a few; so better play safe at such times. And with kids around, it’s always useful to keep napkins around; both at their table and at the candy buffet table, so it doesn’t get messy!
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