All Things Peacock {Wedding Inspiration}

San Antonio Wedding Consultant, Principles in Action, loves creating magical moments for you. Whether you are looking to recreate moments of the past, or want to keep up with the latest trends or like to spice it up with the best of both…we’ve got it all!

I love colors, bright beautiful colors, which is the very reason I instantly fell in love with this particular wedding inspiration. It’s perfect for those couples who are looking to add that spark to their wedding theme, whether it’s a vintage-inspired wedding, or completely modern one!

Who doesn’t admire these exquisite creation: peacocks. The color patterns are heavenly, and this is where our bride can benefit from. A summer wedding, filled with these shades of blue and green would just do the trick.

Vintage brides, this could be the ‘something blue’ in your wedding. You can create an alluring decor, without doing much, and it’s not necessary to use peacock feathers to create a peacock inspired wedding.

Use the hues and color schemes to create the decor, bridesmaid dresses, and buckle up a nice bright belt around your waist, or better still wear bright blue/green stilettos. They never fail to create a huge impact on your entire look: little can do a lot!

If you are one to speak BOLD at your wedding, this theme is made specifically for you.
Please share your thoughts with us!

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