Wedding Woes: Handling Conflicts with Diplomacy

Conflicts are a part of everyday life. Here at San Antonio, Wedding Consultants, Principles inAction, know how hard it can become for one when in the attempt to please one party, one unintentionally incites the other.
Disagreements can appear in the most unlikely places imaginable, once you start your wedding planning. What seems right through your eyes might not be acceptable by your mother-in-law, or maybe your even own mother. Even worse are the times when you find yourself in conflict with your own partner. This is not the time to panic, or to create unnecessary wedding drama to make matters worse; deal with disagreements with diplomacy.
~My Way or the Highway~
Being downright adamant will not get you anywhere-trust me. Granted it is your dream day, but it is also the day your mother and mother-in-law may have been planning for her kid; so it’s always decent to lend a kind ear to their suggestions, and incorporate them if it’s possible.

~Keep Calm and Compromise~
The last thing you need is your partner all fumed up because you are uptight all the time when it comes to wedding planning. Take time out for your partner, and compromise where you see there is no other option. Your partner’s wishes should be your first priority, nothing about the wedding day is going to seem grand to you if either of you is feeling sour.

~Divide and Rule~
At times when you need to please your family, it is better to give a certain department to them so they too can take active part in wedding planning process. For example, if your immediate family members, (parents and siblings for instance) insist to be involved in the wedding planning, let them handle a particular wedding issue. Instead of giving multiple to tasks to every family member, it is better to delegate smaller tasks to each that they can take care of efficiently.

~Boast Not, Brawl Not~
It is the most common thing I have noticed about brides and sadly the most unfortunate too. Brides, the moment they are engaged, try to paint the town red with the news of their upcoming wedding, unintentionally inviting everyone to pool in their two cents. When you share your wedding details with everyone, they are bound to pitch in their ideas as well, making it harder for you to refuse, and reject.
Make it a priority from the start to choose your helpers carefully; the people whose advise you really require. More importantly, if you have hired a wedding planner, have them all meet him/her so they easily check back with your wedding planner to avoid planning confusions.
Faced a conflict during your wedding planning? Share with us your story below!
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