Wedding Planners: To Hire or Not To Hire? That Is the Question

The walk of the bride down the aisle for some may look to be the easiest stroll. However, there is much more that goes into making that walk a glamorous one. It is only those involved in the business of event planning who know how stressful it can become to carry it out to perfection.

Saying ‘yes’ to your wedding planner might not be an easier task, however, it is one of the first ones that you need to decide upon once you decide to get married. While some might consider it a waste to hire someone else dictate their dream day to them, others see it as a ray of hope to have a lending hand on board with them at all times.

The reasons for hiring a wedding planner may vary with each bride. However, there are my few reasons to consider helping you make a sound decision to this hard choice.

~Little or Large~
Brides, who are holding a small, intimate wedding reception, end up not hiring a wedding planner, considering they would hardly require an outside assistance. This is where they make a grave mistake: wedding planning does not depend upon a ‘little or large’ wedding reception.

True, the scale of the wedding gets limited but the details are the same: you will still need vendors to set up the reception, caterers, lightning, etc.; this is where your wedding planner can help you connect with the right vendors that can provide you an estimation based on the magnitude of your wedding.

~Family Feuds~

It is a fact: if you involve family members to help you instead with the wedding planning, a disagreement is sure to prop up. Having many people trying to throw in different ideas who make it even more confusing for you, it is better to have one creative and talented resource helping you out. In most instances, family and friends are doing this as a hobby and they do not provide the level of service at times that you should get.

Sometimes family vendors do not return calls and they make the communication very ineffective. Additionally, if you have a wedding planner on board, it also puts the wedding consultant in an awkward position. Ensure there is a clear flow of communication between you and your planner.

~Wedding Vendors~
For me, the greatest pleasure one can attain from hiring a reputable wedding planner is the fact they can help you find the right wedding vendors based on your wedding details. Your friends and family members, although might suggest super creative ideas, but to execute them, you will require vendors.

Your wedding planner can handle this crucial task and can make it less time-consuming and hassle-free. More importantly, there are multiple contracts that you would you have to sign, so it’s better to leave such technicalities to someone trustworthy, who can pinpoint discrepancies for you.

~How to Hunt~

Checking local directories or maybe asking married friends for suggestions is how most brides find their wedding planner. However, social media is perhaps now the best way to find a reputable wedding planner who holds a reliable portfolio. Credentials is the first thing you need to consider, whether they can deliver what they are offering. Check back with their past clients to authenticate their reputation.

Once you are completely satisfied with the credentials of your wedding planner, contact them for a complimentary consultation to discuss their investment prices and see if they can come up with a package that suits your wedding inspiration. Wedding planners, such as myself, offer different wedding packages customized to the needs of individuals clients; be sure to pick the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Is the presence of a professional wedding planner necessary? Please do share your thoughts below!

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