The D-Decision: Setting the Wedding Date

If there is one day that you look forward to your entire life and the one that you dread, it is the wedding date. Ansonya Burke, Principles in Action Wedding Expert, today, explains how you can lower your apprehensions regarding the most joyful occasion in your life.

Getting down on one knee was easy; marking a single date out of the choice of 365 will be hard. It is better to brace yourself with the magnitude of this hard decision before you make an erroneous selection. Plan wisely, and take all the time you require. Most of you do end up picking a date because of an emotional attachment to it; there is much more to this decision than meets the eye:
~Weather Woes~

Weather, where on one hand can become your best friend on your wedding day, can also turn out to be the worst nightmare. Be extremely cautious in deciding a date if the wedding reception is scheduled outdoors. Watch out for especially for seasons that invite extreme and harsh weather conditions: winters and summer.

~Sighting the Site~

If you want to hold your ceremony and reception at a particular venue, check well ahead in time about the site availability. Booking it at the last minute, or booking it without properly analyzing it can cause dire consequences. I have seen a lot of brides struggle at the last minute with their envisioned wedding décor with the choice of their wedding reception site.

~Festival Fiasco~
The last thing you would want is another festival raining on your parade, literally. Check local, religious holidays and events, and see whether your proposed wedding date clashes with any other holiday. Usually roads are blocked if a procession is held due to a religious event, or maybe your guests will excuse themselves to attend their own events. 

~Honeymoon Hitch~


One last, but extremely important, prospect to consider while deciding upon the date of the wedding is the duration of your honeymoon. Working couples need to figure this out for their individual schedules. Taking a long leave is not a decision, nor one that reflects well on your work ethics. Choose a date that allows you to have a relaxed retreat while making sure you do not take an excessive time out from work.

At the end of the day, this is going to be a mutual decision; so I advice setting a timeline prior to setting ‘the date’. This will allow you to see whether you can execute the ‘dream day’ in the time span that you have.
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