Labels Matter: Smartening up Your Candy Buffet

Weddings are a huge affair. Here, at San Antonio Wedding Planners, Principles in Action , it’s a busy month ahead. While the bride and groom focus on the bigger picture ahead, we try to hold a strong regard for attention-to-detail. Because one minor error can decide your wedding’s fate:  to be either a hit or a miss !

A few days back, we had Kimberly’s Design Scents as our Guest blogger, and she gave me quite a lot to think about. Whenever one is planning a wedding, while they take extreme care of the large tasks like setting a menu for the reception, a theme for candy buffet etc. what they forget are the little details.

You may order a specific flower centerpiece, matching the color of your wedding theme without testing it how it might look with the reception area decor. Likewise, the same goes with couples opting for a candy buffet: they take care of the issues that appear in the bigger picture-the candies to be included, the colors of the buffet table.

However, they forget a crucial aspect of the candy buffet, the area where their creativity can be well-praised, if used meticulously: candy buffet labels. I cannot express the importance of having creative labels for your candy buffet jars enough.

[Amy DeYoung Photography]
For one, when you are including an a diverse range of candies in your buffet, people can read off the labels and identify them. However, instead of having boring tags pasted on the jars (which I believe would totally ruin the beauty of the buffet) why not create stylish labels for each of the candy jars? 

Label Credits: Joy

In addition to this, if you are wrapping up your candies in different packaging, it confuses people exactly what they are eating; maybe they are allergic to a particular candy type. Play safe, and include the original name of the candy beneath the Candy Label, so they can pick their favorite ones out!

Hope you found today’s post insightful, let me know your thoughts below!
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3 thoughts on “Labels Matter: Smartening up Your Candy Buffet

  1. Fabulous article. I am saving this and will certainly follow your directions. It is extremely important to cover all the little details as well as the big picture. Creative labels are easy to make and add another dimension to the personality of your event.

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