Memorable Matrimony: Heather and Chris’s Happily-Ever-After.

On November 26th, 2011, at the Southwest Arts and Craft Center, Christopher and Heather took their eternal vows . San Antonio wedding consultants, Principles in Action, lead by Ansonya Burke, were there to witness this joyful occasion!
All Photo credits: R. Denise Photography
Chris and Heather were one romantic couple with whom I had the opportunity to work with. Usually, I’ve found grooms hardly taking interest in their wedding prep, but Chris was an exception! He took such an active part during his wedding preparations, and I adored his way of incorporating everything that Heather wished. 


Guests arrived at the wedding and were guided to the ceremony area by the wedding signs placed at the entrance, which was quite thoughtful I believe. The aisle was showered with petals, and they took their vows under a well-lit gazebo! The aisle seats were decorated with lanterns and flowers, which I found to be giving out quite a romantic aura to the ceremony!
~Cocktail Hour~
Heather and Chris had made special arrangements for their guests as well! Their cocktail hour had guests raving about it, for they were able to nibble, and mingled with each other.


The reception area was truly breathtaking and rightly so. Heather’s love for flowers was quite obvious from the decor as guests wowed at the creativity by which floral decor was arranged!

~Candy Buffet~
A wonderful candy buffet was arranged in luie of wedding favors, in the same color hue as the rest of her wedding theme.

Cake by Sweet Traditions


Christopher surprised Heather with a carriage ride for exit. He had contacted me earlier and wanted to surprise her, and hence, a carriage ride was pre-planned for Heather and it sure did amaze her!

It was great fun assisting the couple for their wedding and later for their photo shoot. I wish them everlasting joy ahead!

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