The Entertainment Conundrum: How to Keep Your Guests Grooving?

While the day of the wedding day is busy one for the bride and groom, their guests might start to feel left out. San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, agree. Today, Ansonya, gives you a 101 on how to mingle with your guests and make them feel special on your special day!
Whenever I ask brides and grooms who come to me for consultation, regarding the entertainment they will be providing on their reception, a majority answer without hesitation: musical band. Hmm, while a musical band may be a pleasant form of entertainment at the wedding, but there is much more than you can do to keep your visitors involved.
Hiring a DJ or asking a music band to provide music for the reception for dance, has (to be honest) become quite mundane now. I am, in no way, suggesting you shouldn’t. It’s an integral part of the wedding reception; but you can plan other for ways of entertaining your guests than having them listen to songs of your choice.
  • If you’re a music buff, why not plan a dance? This is one surprise act the bridesmaids and groomsmen can plan for the wedding reception. Pick a famous mash-up and youtube the dances, you really don’t have to learn all the steps from a professional dancers. This is one moment your guests aren’t going to forget for sure.

  • Bride and groom, you need to take special care of the children attending your reception. Merely having them seated at the ‘all-kid’s table’ is not the solution. I advice placing candies for them, or arrange for a chocolate fountain to be placed at the reception for the kids to go on and enjoy themselves. It is advisable that you hire an assistant who can see that it doesn’t get messy!
  • If you’re organizing the ceremony and reception at two separate locations, better arrange for a transport service to have the party taken there. This is your time to interact with them. Hire a trolley, or a mini-van to have your guests travel with you, and make them feel important.
  • A cocktail-hour, is usually designed to have bride and groom mingle with their guests. To further have them interact, why not have the guests decide their favorite drinks? Bartenders can mix their favorite drinks, and this way, they too can taste whatever they please.

[Photo credits: Amy De Young Photography]
What have you planned to keep your guests entertained?
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