Sail Away Happily-Ever-After: Nautical Wedding Inspiration

Navigate your wedding day to majesticness and elegance
Just like every season, each wedding has it’s own grace and beauty. With that in mind, San Antonio Wedding Planners, Principles In Action, are sailing to a new horizon with Ansonya Burke.
Not to be confused with the beach weddings theme, nautical wedding themes are specifically designed to keep in mind all those who live by, for, and are of the sea, literally. Taking a little hint of Military inspired weddings, sailors, coast-guards, and navy-men opt for this theme to reflect on their grand occupation.
However, it’s not set in stone that it be celebrated by men of the sea only. I, for one, would love to have a nautical-inspired wedding here in San Antonio, where a majority of people would take it as a ‘splash’ of fresh air!
Navy-blue, white, and yellow are three accent colors that I’ve seen while looking for nautical-inspired wedding inspirations. I also noticed a sort of similarity between the color palettes for a celestial wedding decor and nautical wedding reception. Now that’s quite a combination, don’t you think?

Also, if you are worried you’d have to celebrate this sea-side inspired affair at the sea, don’t be. There are multiple different ways to create an outdoor or indoor reception as per the nautical theme. Pebbles and water filled centerpieces are a rage at nautical weddings, so be sure to include some.

 End the event by taking a dip in sweetness and present your guests with nautical-inspired candy buffet. Better prepare a ‘crisp’ presentation to reflect well on the theme of your wedding.
 Have this theme swept you away? Let me know below!
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