Bridal Brunch: Bright and Shiny Wedding Reception

Take your routine brunch to a whole new level…
Who says you have to spend a fortune to host an extravagant wedding reception? San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, takes a look today how to make your weddings ‘rise and shine’ !
Wedding breakfast/brunch receptions are making a comeback this Spring/Summer season, now that we have a wonderful outdoor ambiance! Spring is the perfect time to host an outdoor reception, so why take your wedding to the wee hours of the night when your guests can enjoy a perfect day outdoors!
I find wedding brunches a fine way to save on expensive and lavish wedding expenses. For one, you don’t need lighting (the natural light is there to aid you, in a much finer way), for another, you save on cost food as breakfast doesn’t need to be heavy. Moreover, you save majorly on the consumption of alcohol.

Morning isn’t  generally the time guests are likely to drink a lot, so I believe you can find it relieving if you don’t have to serve any at all! Fruit punch, lemonade, tea, coffee, and even milk would serve as great drinks for your early morning wedding reception.

 What’s more you can rid yourself of the hassle of planning a three-course meal as an excellent breakfast/brunch doesn’t require all those heavy meals. Serve your regular breakfast/brunch meals (pancakes, muffins, rolls, fruit salads!) in style, decorate the table centerpieces in bright colors so they match the outdoor ambiance!
Young or old, everyone has a sweet tooth! And I’ve seen how welcoming our candy buffets are at weddings! Whether you’re hosting a garden brunch or indoor reception, add your favorite candies to the menu and end the event with a sweet gesture!
What are your thoughts to this Vintage-inspired contemporary way of hosting your wedding reception?

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