Ride in Style: Wedding Transportation and Exit Ideas

San Antonio wedding consultants, make sure weddings they organize are fabulous from the beginning to the end. Ansonya, today, discusses how to make that ride count!
A lot of times I have been approached by grooms, asking me on how to surprise their bride with a ride. Well, for all those to-be grooms, here’s to you. I hope you can ‘wow’ her with a choice of these rides!
Starting with the old-fashioned, I say trolleys are still the ride of the many. And by that I mean literally. They can serve as great wedding conveyance for the bridal/groom party, if you want to transport them from the church to the reception!

Another, somewhat traditional, but quite elegant way to carry her away is in a carriage. This Cinderella inspired ride is sure to make her awe-struck. Give your bride  a ‘royal’ ride! 
Golf Car
I love this cute way of transportation, and it suits the grooms especially. If you want to make a memorable entrance, this is it. Not only that the golf-car will truly be admired by your groomsmen as well!
Let the child in you have his day! Bikes and scooters are all the rage these days, because they’re quite unique and perfect for those grooms who watch to ditch the traditional ways.
A favorite of many Indian grooms, a horse ride may not be appropriate for the bridal party though. However, if brides, like grooms, are looking for some fun ways to exit, they can sure give this a try! 
Got any favorite of your own? Share with us, and comment below!
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