Sealed with a Drink: The ‘Spring’ Cocktail Hour

Stirring seasonal drinks for a stirring event!
San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants, Principles in Action, make sure each aspect of your wedding day is cherished by you and more importantly your loved ones. This Spring, rivet their senses at the ‘Happy Hour!’

There is no doubt that the cocktail hour at a wedding has become a necessity, for it gives time for the wedded couple and the guests to mingle, and relax after the ceremony. I, for one, wouldn’t say no to a chilled drink to cool off the day’s hectic activities.
However, there a few things to take care of while planning the ‘happy hour’ at your wedding. Indeed, there is much more than mixing the drinks than meets the eye. For your Spring Wedding event, it’s preferable you go with vivid colors to brighten up the hour. But even when choosing the color for your signature drink, you have to be careful. It’s preferable to stick with the colors of your wedding theme, and it’s even better if you use colors of the season.

People are much more likely to admire the cocktail hour if you present drinks made of fruits that are in season. You can name them according to the mix you created. Delicious, tantalizing smoothies and lemonades are becoming all the rage at wedding cocktail hours, so be creative, and let it loose the booze!
There is no hard and fast rule that you have to serve alcohol as your signature drink. I, myself, would prefer a non-alcohol beverage to calm my nerves on such a grand occasion, and these chilled fantasies can do just the trick. What’s most important is the taste of your signature drink. The color might just dazzle them enough to try the drink, but you would want to them to praise your taste, so make sure these chilled delights enchant them all the way!
Speaking of chilled, make sure they are!! One complaint that’s most common during weddings are the ‘lukewarm’ beverages served! Whether your wedding is indoor or outdoors, you need to make sure there’s plenty of ice (cubes/crushed) on hand, but not too much in the drinks causing brain freeze all around!

To create an ultimate stir, you need a stirrer ! Make sure every drinks has one, and if you’ve set up a bar, put plenty around the table so guests can pick them up! Fancy stirrers will grab attention, and I’ve seen they are much adored at weddings than the plain ones! Give an arty spin to your drinks!
Like to share a mix? Comment below and tell us which signature drink left you savoring for more!
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