It’s all in the Hub: Non-Flower Centerpieces

Getting to the heart of the matter….
While here at Principle in Action, San Antonio, our wedding experts love to create blooming affair at your wedding day, we can’t help but admire these non-flower beauties.. Here’s Ansonya giving you her pick of wedding centerpieces for those wanting to do a bit differently…
While I am truly a sucker for flowers, I have to say, these non-flower centerpieces had blown me away. Beautiful, elegant, and colorful, they are all a great substitute to flower centerpieces. Each has been designed in a way to give you a grand exterior to your reception decor without anything looking out of the ordinary.
Here are some of my favorite ways you can actually add that extraordinary exquisiteness to your wedding decor, without the use of our blooming pals!

Starting of with my favorite (without doubt) are these candy centerpieces. A sweet idea indeed! Perfect for when you don’t want a separate candy buffet table! You don’t have to pack them up as separate favors, just place the jars as you might at a candy buffet table. I suggest adding different colored candies to brighten the table up!

Just make sure the candy jars aren’t blocking the view between the guests! However, if want to give your guests some space at the dinner table, why not suspend the centerpieces in air? You heard me right. Have a look!

If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, I suggest suspending candelabras or candles will create a heavenly hue for the decor.
Having an indoor affair? No need to worry. There was never an indoor wedding decor I have seen where crystals, candles  and candelabras have failed to create a majestic aura.
Speaking of candles, why not place them as lanterns instead? I have found them to be quite elegant for an outdoor reception, and they’ll blend well with your Rustic Wedding Theme.
 So what do you say? Would you prefer these non-flowery beauties to become the center of attention at your wedding? Let us know below!

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