Groomsmen: Responsibilities and Roles

For the dude in distress!
Weddings are best celebrated in the company of loved ones. San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, can’t help but agree. Here is Ansonya Burke giving you her take on what should the Groomsmen do to make their best friend’s day the best!

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My foremost suggestion to all grooms is to, as soon as possible, decide who will be your best man, and how many groomsmen you want for the wedding. Symbolic role of the best man is, in the most countries of the world, a great one, perhaps even more important than the maid of honor. Which is why I always feel when one of the two best friends bids farewell to single life, the other one has to support him and to establish a fraternal relationship with him.
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 One of such bonding rituals is, of course, the bachelor party, which has its roots in ancient pagan traditions. Therefore, I advise that the groom should choose his best man soon after engagement – he would be of help in many cases – organization of the bachelor parties, assistance in dressing for the wedding day, to calm down the groom and so on.

Moreover, grooms,  you should choose some groomsmen depending upon the number of guests. At weddings, I have seen how graciously groomen can will take care of the groom’s guests and help his best man out, just like bridesmaids take care of the bride. Their role, and especially the role of the best man is to manage wedding party, care for details, guests and stay sober and available at the moment when most needed by the groom . And I believe that his role is most highlighted during the organization of the wedding and then of course at the ceremony.

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So, what are the responsibilities of the groomsmen for the wedding? What exactly is required from a groomsman?

In ancient times, groomsmen were actually the groom’s guardians, whose primary responsibility was to protect the groom and to ensure that no one prevents the groom from taking his rightful place along with the bride on their wedding day. Responsibilities of the groomsmen are now much easier.

At weddings, I’ve seen groomsmen approach me to lend in a hand for their friends wedding arrangements. They’ve helped with the suit selection, to getting various appointments for the groom and also aided the best man with the bachelor party organization. Moreover, groomsmen, you can also ensure that wedding car is decorated before the wedding, or why not think of some creative send-off ideas for the man? Moreover, I believe one of his most important task is to relax the groom and let him be calm on his wedding day.

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Additionally, most weddings I have come across certain groomsmen who take on full responsibility to greet guests and show them their seats. Now that’s wonderful and equally sweet. You don’t just have to stand groomsman beside the groom at the wedding ceremony. Helping him after the wedding, by offering to collect the gifts and storing them later is going to win you the admiration of your best friend for good.  And of course our groovy groomsmen get to entertain the bridesmaids at the wedding and dance with them.

Have you ever been a groomsman? How was it like and what duties were you entrusted? Share your story with us!

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