Keep it Going and Going: Planning the Wedding Party

San Antonio wedding consultants, Principles in Action, know how weddings are a momentous event in a person’s life and we’d all wish that this day would have more than just 24 hours to spend with. But keeping a large number of guests together knowing that they might come from various family backgrounds and age levels maybe be tedious if a person doesn’t know how to keep the party going. 

Although it is considered to be YOUR DAY and that everyone else should just be patient and considerate enough to make it through the entire event just to show you how special you are to them, that I am afraid is just wishful thinking. Anything and everything could happen which becomes the factor that would wind up ending the party earlier than what you aimed for.

The children would get bored. The adults usually get tired easily. The once under your age bracket like your officemates and close friend might not be so optimistic in mingling with your grandmother or a great aunt. Somebody is ought to get too drunk and create an unpleasant scene. I have seen how it takes only a second for dramas in weddings to take shape and it’s bound to become a total failure if you do not assess your guests properly.
Here are some of my tips on how to keep the party going.

·       Provide ample time for both sides. Do not just highlight the bride; make sure that the family and friends of the groom are assured that this is a marriage built on equality and fairness. It is best to make everyone feel special.

·      Ensure that the speeches and the words uttered are meaningful but subtle. Meaningful enough for you to show how much you love each other and subtle enough to keep “unwanted” subjects at bay; mentioning the Ex is definitely advisable for a best man’s speech. There are just certain matters which are best kept UNTOUCHED.

·       Make sure that you get to talk to all the guests during the buffet. Take the opportunity to thank your guests personally and inform them that there’s still going to be an after party and wild dancing. This should make your guest feel important and that you want them to stay and have fun.

·       Allow dancing music to flow from sweet “couples” only mood that would swing into a full flown disco. Set the mood accordingly and the party doesn’t have to end until the wee hours of the morning. Hiring a DJ is advisable as well, someone who has experience with crowd control. As a newlywed couple, the bride and the groom would definitely be too beat up for worrying about crowd control and that, all of the guests are really having fun. It is best to hire someone to do this job.
·         The clue is that you keep everyone else awake without exceeding on the liquor. Plan cocktails and coffee shooters, which boost up the energy level, but do not knock someone down. Set-up a coffee bar side by side with your liquor. Heavy meals are not such as good idea. Go for light food for after parties.
Here’s hoping you find these tips useful at your wedding party! Feel free to let us know any tips of your own regarding “crowd control”
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