Styling up The Bride & Groom Send-Off

Plan a fashionable farewell!
San Antonio wedding planners, Principles in Action, make sure your dream wedding day ends the right way. Here’s Ansonya Burke,  giving you some trendy exit strategies to make your exit grand and make your farewell to your friends and family memorable!

[Amy DeYoung Photography]

In Indian custom, it is considered good luck if the bride exits by throwing rice and lentils behind her. Muslims bid their bride by passing her under their Holy Book so as to ward off any evil that might befall unto the wedded couple. Take any tradition, and you are sure to find sweet ways to “send-off” the bride and groom to their grand journey ahead. I, myself, am BIG on tradition, but here at San Antonio Wedding Planner, Principles in Action, I like to bring in a conventional touch to these traditions.
Here in our Western customs, friends and family sends couple by showering them with rice or birdseed. But if you are that bubbly couple, you can make your exit as splendid, fun and spunky that will surely be memorable to you.
Here are some creative spins which will inspire you.
Make your exit fun and carefree for your visitors, a wedding exit with bubbles. Bubbles are a sweetened and softened alternative with what we are used to. And one advantage of it is that it will not leave stain and cannot damage clothing. It is also easy to prepare, you can just use bubble guns or some bubble machine. Your wedding exit will surely be full of exciting atmosphere.
Another send-off idea that I find really adorable for couples is that they are rained with petals, a delightful way that beautifies and colors the occasion. This concept makes a sophisticated exit and generates an aura full of romance especially when you use rose petals. It looks elegant, and I suggest for your Spring/Summer wedding, you really can’t think of a better seasonal send-off than this one!

Do you also like a dramatic exit for your San Antonio wedding? Then sparkler fits you, particularly when wedding is done in the evening, it is so nice to light the newlyweds with gray/colorful flames. In this way, the departure creates an extraordinary moment that everyone will remember. However, I advise to take care if there are children around, best to keep the little ones inside till the send-off’s complete!

Next in line is what is commonly known as a ribbon wand and I prefer calling it the streamer. Using this it gives waving breeze – and so lovely to look at, and it is always acceptable in any venues where it provides charming form instead of using sparklers and rice/birdseed that might be in some mess to clean up.

Have a send-off story? Share with us! Comment below and let us know how would YOU prefer your exit?
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