Pointing the Right Way: Wedding Signs

One common mistake most couples make is missing out their Weddings signs. Usually such intricate little details are missed when they’re doing the planning themselves.  Here’s Ansonya Burke, Principles In Action, San Antonio Wedding Consultant, showing you the right direction!

Wedding signs often end up in hurriedly printed notation with an arrow and a direction that says “Wedding Reception” in plain black and white text. Wouldn’t it be more alluring for your guests to follow a more creative wedding sign?

Of course the sign totally depends on the motif and the venue for the reception. You simply cannot use a vintage looking wedding sign when your motif is a bright color like orange or bloody red. Do not allow your souvenirs and invitations to be in contrast with the wedding sign as well. Weddings are all about themes and motif in synchronicity.
Say for example, you’re the playful type of couple. You go for colors like light pink, mint green or baby blue for your motif. Make use of fun font and lots of bright colors to glamorize the way!

There are also some who might believe that simplicity is beauty and would go for the traditional wedding signs. However, a country wedding sign doesn’t mean you stick with the conventional wooden placards. Brighten them up by adding fun words so that guests find your creativity amusing!
Don’t just make your wedding signs with the sole intention of pointing someone where the church and the reception are! Be creative! Make everything in this wedding count because this is definitely something that neither you nor your guests would want to forget about. Don’t just point the way, make them sigh in awe or laugh to their heart’s content. Make the wedding sign count!

Have you thought about your wedding signs? What does it say? Share with us, and comment below!

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