Evoking Elegance: Yellow & Black Wedding Inspirations

 One of PIA’s soon-to-be brides is opting for a black and yellow themed wedding. Thought I’d share a few ideas with other to-brides as well..

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, when using a bold hue like yellow, you really don’t have to make an effort to make it obvious and appealing. When pairing with black, yellow accent has never failed to create a breathtaking combo.

Yellow Dahlias, Tulips and Roses look stupendous, and so brides, don’t just stop at the Sun Flowers when it comes to your Floral Design. Have fun picking flowers  for your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets that match their attire.
Of late, black wedding dresses are seen as the shiny new factor at weddings, and why not. Gold, a dazzling hue found in Yellow Family would blend perfectly well with black.
yellow and white bridal bouquet, southern wedding, Shannon Kelley Photography

Bedazzle the table centerpieces with bright candles, that’ll create a mystical shine over your table decor. I find yellow to be a pure Summer/Spring color, which is why it’s going to look absolutely heavenly for outdoor reception! 

  What’s more I find the shades available in yellow all the more reason to play around while looking to create a “wow” decor, floral arrangement and of course your cake and candy buffet!
Such a Summer wedding calls for refreshments for your guests. So I suggest present them with a “cool” signature drink to cool them down and end the sweet occassion with your sweet buffet!
L&A (RW) Shannon Kelley Photography 47.8
I hope you enjoyed my collection of black and yellow wedding inspiration! Feel free to let me know your thoughts below. If you have a wedding inspiration in mind that you’d like us to feature, let us know!

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