{Introducing} Principles in Action Honeymoon Registry Services!

Principles in Action, Wedding and Event Consultant, San Antonio, make sure your wedding day is one of the greatest ones in your life. However, we don’t like to end the party there and then. Once again we’re bringing a unique way for the couples to carry forward the bliss and fun of the wedding day with our latest venture: Honeymoon Registry!

In case you are wondering what a Honeymoon Registry is, let me explain in a few simple steps:

  1. A Honeymoon Registry works exactly like a regular wedding registry except the registry items include everything that you wish on your dream honeymoon (shopping, transportation, accomodation, dining etc.)
  2. Guests can choose from an array of these amazing “honeymoon experiences” (a hot air balloon ride, spa treatment, candlelight dinner etc.) and give these as gifts
  3. It is perfect for those couples who really don’t need to clutter their house,(and really could do without that china tea set!) and would rather have an exquisite “breakfast in bed” on their honeymoon!
  4. It is even better for the guests who like to deal with the “gift registry” in the comfort of their homes. It’s the most convenient way to send your well wishes via PIA’s honeymoon registry for it requires least amount of time; you can send in your wishes in a few clicks, there’s no need to even get the gift wrapped!
  5. Couples who like to “upgrade” their planned honeymoon can invite their friends and family and share with them their experiences through their personal website, blog and photo albums!

All you have to do is relax and unwind as Principles in Action takes care of your dream vacation for you and your better half! In a few easy steps you can see your dream becoming a reality. Unlike other registries, this brings you the ultimate luxury of inviting your friends and family to your own personalized website, a personal blog, and photo albums.

On a single platform, you can

  • Create your wedding registry for free
  • Let your family and friends choose for you from the many exotic honeymoon gifts
  • Let YOU show your gratitude to your friends and family with personalized online “thank you” tracker
  • Share your wedding photos and honeymoon pictures on your favorite social media website (Facebook/Twitter)
  • Keep on track with everything(downloadable annoucement cards, custom honeymoon registry, blogs etc.) for your perfect and splendid honeymoon!

Sharing your great times with friends and family is made easier just for you, your friends and family. Whether you feel like having a facial or a romantic candlelight dinner, PIA’s honeymoon registry can take care of it, without you hassling on your honeymoon! Isn’t it wonderful, you can schedule your honeymoon well ahead and let your friends and family be a part of it?

Created in lieu of the traditional wedding registry, PIA’s honeymoon registry is quite a unique wedding idea, what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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