Tripping in the Trend: Guest Book Alternatives!

Getting it done a little extraordinarily…for your extravagant event…
San Antonio wedding consultants, Principles in Action plan weddings that not only serve as great memories for you and your partner, but for everyone that becomes a part of this special occasion.. Our wedding expert, Ansonya Burke takes special consideration in making sure your guests go home with fond memories of your “big day” as well..
Weddings in 2012 are all about inviting change to the traditional weddings. Whether that involves wearing black wedding dresses instead of the traditional white, or planning a candy buffet in lieu of the wedding favors. In these change-oriented times, the look of the guest book has been altered as well. The “big book” containing memoirs have been sidetracked by the more contemporary ways of engaging the guests to this tradition.
The guest book, at the end of the day, is placed in a dusty corner of the house, taken out only while cleaning up. Why not create something that you can place around your house, so it serves the purpose of making you recollect sweet memories of your “best day”.
  • Sticks and Stones
Weddings in 2012 are being geared towards green weddings, and sustainability, it is a good idea to ditch those big paper books and use alternatives that not only save on paper consumption,  but can be placed around the house as wedding memoirs.
Paint stones, and wood blocks, or better still have it carved as jigsaw puzzle, for your guests to take in a piece and write their wishes. You get to do it a little differently, and it hardly requires any special effort from your part.
  • Wish upon a tree
I have seen at weddings how guests sometimes skip adding their wishes to the guest book, mainly because of their lack of interest. However, if you set up something creative and unique for them, you are sure to gain appreciation as well as their wished. Placing wish tree is slowly gaining popularity at weddings, and I must say, it really engages the guests to come and admire the display!
The wishing tree later becomes a nice centerpiece for your living room, and a sweet way to reflect back on those who added their wishes for your grand journey ahead.
  • Pretty Prints
I have always found that even the most small gesture can make do a lot for you. Which is why I liked the idea of getting your guest’s thumbprints on your “wishing tree” instead of their wishes. The idea is the simplest one of the lot, but equally sweet.
You ask each guest to dip their thumb in stamp ink and place their thumbprint on to mark their inclusion to this momentous event. For all those art-loving couple, it makes a chic painting to hang in your house, very aesthetic and creative! Perfect example of how little can do a lot for you!
These displays of affection can serve as long lasting memories for you and your guests to reflect back on later in life.. so why not give the artist in you a nudge, and kick it up a notch at your wedding day!

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