A Guide for the Groovy Groomsmen

I may have been talking a lot about the brides recently, but doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all about the grooms. What makes us different from other San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants is our special attention towards the groom and his boy brigade…

No matter how extravagant your wedding may be, the real gem at the end of the day is going to be your friend’s presence. Their involvement is what will make your wedding day the most memorable one. I suggest you take special note of your friend’s likes and dislikes especially when it comes to the groomsmen.

Grooms, there are multiple things to consider while looking for groomsmen attire. Although I am all up for being dressed in a tux (as most of the groomsmen out there will agree), but why keep the dull look? Here’s my pick for the trendiest ways you can add spice up those tuxedos for your groomsmen…

~To Bow or not to Bow~
Now that IS a question..I suggest why not try funky bow ties? Mis-match bow ties would look great, and you don’t have to choose different patterns. Choose a different vibrant color as per your taste, and highlight your attire.
 ~Tying it Right~
I’ve noticed how certain groomsmen are reluctant wearing flashy bow-ties and ties. While they are correct in doing so, you can personalize their attire your way by pinning a colorful boutonniere. Flowers not their cup of tea? How about placing handkerchiefs to give that crisp classy look, or better still using a personalized boutonniere. For themed weddings, I am sure that’s going to be a winner!
~Funky & Fuzzy Socks~
And of course, lastly, to complete the attire, groomsmen, your socks matter a LOT. Year 2012 is all about screaming about  individuality, so do it from the bottom…argyle socks are making a comeback in the men fashion so make good use of this funky trend! Pair with sneakers to give yourself and edge-y look, and you’re good to go!
Unique Groom Shoes

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