Nuptial under Nature: Eco-Chic Weddings

When your dream wedding is a green wedding..
San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, create events customized to the needs of each of the wedding couple. Whether you want us to step back into the Vintage Era to give you a romantic wedding, or create modern-day fairy tales for you, we’ve got it all..

I’ve met couples who, when planning a Eco-wedding, believe the task is quite easy since there is less hassle involved. I respectfully disagree. Even those DIY wedding inspirations need time and proper planning ..and of course your creativity needs to reflect well from those.
While planning weddings, there’s always that fear, that something might go wrong..something might get done in excess..while some issue might not appear until the wedding day. To make sure that my team and I don’t face such wedding hassles, nor we create complex situations for the bride and groom, we plan everything meticulously. Which is why I have advised to time your wedding planning well in advance.
Green weddings in 2012 will not just be about being green and conserving energy.. you can show off your love for nature in some unique and awe-inspiring ways..
  • A breath of fresh air..
If you really want your guests to feel your love for nature, and for them to adore it too, set the wedding outdoors! Take your loved one’s breath away with the breathtaking view of the water and and the trees. Create your own wedding altar outdoors, a gazebo would be most apt here. You don’t need to create backdrops, when you have the nature to help you in this regard.

  • Setting the decor with pot and plants will give it a unique appeal, instead of flower centerpieces, you can use fruit centerpieces instead. It looks unique, and gives you a great alternate to the conventional centerpieces.

  • Speaking of flowers, who says you have to have a green wedding using elements from nature? You can use recycled materials to create a blossoming look. Origami wedding decorations, and origami bouquet would look absolutely out of the world. You can wow your guests with your creativity and aesthetic abilities .With so many intricate designs at your disposal, why stop at one?
  • Grooms, why not ride as royals in a carriage? Opt to exit in a carriage instead of the conventional car; it gives you a grand exit, wins you your wife’s appreciation, and saves on fuel!


  • Set the mood of your candy station green as well. Print your own labels for candy buffet on recycled paper; for less wastage and more creativity! Comment below, and we’ll send you download-able candy buffet labels that you can use at your events!

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