Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Tiffany Blue: Wedding Colors to Adore (Part 5)

Sacred, stylish and sophisticated!
San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, love setting a romantic aura for your wedding day. Whether you are a conservative bride, or one that likes to give traditions a twist, our events are planned so they represent you to the fullest… Today our Wedding Expert, Ansonya Burke, is bringing something old and something new to your wedding platter…
Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
I have met a lot of brides, unsure whether the “Something Old, Something New” myth really holds any truth or not. While I am not the one to question age old customs and traditions, I kind of like the “Something Blue” of this wedding myth.
While “blue” here signifies purity and loyalty, I find it a great addition to the wedding theme’s color palette. And of course, speaking of blue, the one color, that blends tradition with style has always been Tiffany Blue! For your classy romantic/vintage theme wedding, or for the more contemporary brides, Tiffany Blue is a timeless addition!
Tiffany Blue when paired with silver and black can really bring out a majestic shine whether you are using it for reception decor, table centrepieces, or your candy station; a mere Tiffany Blue ribbon can give you that clean finish, and a glamorized edge.
~Blooming Decor~
Tiffany Blue  table linens and wedding backdrop can create quite an elegant feel to your wedding reception.  Use orchids for flower centrepieces to give that lively appeal to the decor. Add Tiffany Blue candles on long candle stands so provide that heavenly glow around the flowers.
~The Tiffany Bridesmaids~
I’ve seen brides wear Tiffany Blue stilettos to add that spark to their vintage outfit. However, if a lot of blue is not you, but you want to keep the tradition by giving the bridesmaids a chance to shine? For the Tiffany Blue to become the highlight of their appearance, pair it with their black outfits. Trust me, their black outfits won’t need any further embellishments to perfect their attire!
Tiffany Blue Damask Origami Bridal Bouquet

 As for you, tie your bouquet with a Tiffany Blue ribbon and you’re good to go with good luck and love, in your hands!

~Cakes and Crystals~
The best aspect of choosing Tiffany Blue at weddings is how you can perfect the look of your reception and make it look elegant without having to do a lot. Paired with silver or white, and there you have your glitzy glamorous reception setting!
Even with cakes, you are spoilt for choice, but remember the rule: Keep it simple but elegant. Too much of everything is destined to fail, and as I mentioned before, it might become an eye sore for guests. Tiffany Blue itself is quite a striking color, so a little can do a lot for you, if done correctly, that is.

~Of Chocolates and Candies~
Tie a Tiffany Blue ribbon to the candy scoop, or have candies wrapped in silver wrappings. Give your candy buffet table an elegant, but sweet appeal. What I find great in using Tiffany Blue in candy station is how you can work with the same color palette for your Winter or Spring Wedding. 
This year, when 2012 is all about expressing yourself, built a candy buffet to end the night in an awe-inspiring way!

Are you a Tiffany Bride? Let us know below!

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