Sand Wedding Ceremonies for Blended Families

Celebration for a long-lasting union!
San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants, Principles in Action, know how important a wedding ceremony is to the bride and groom’s family. We make it our priority to create events that would serve as golden memories for not just the couple, but for their friends and family as well.. 
A nuptial is the coming together of two individuals and their families, true. Couples take eternal vows to stay together as one, come what may. And if you have children, you can include them in the vow-taking ceremony as well by opting to have Unity Sand Ceremony.
Unity Sand Ceremony has the added benefit of involving other family members into the wedding ritual. Couples that have kids find it a great alternate to the Unity Candle Ceremony. In lieu of the Unity Candle Ceremony, Unity Sand Ceremony is performed by the couple as well as their children.  If you are a bride or groom, facing the dilemma of how to involve your children at your wedding, this is one of the most special ways to do so. This ritual is a vow of a strong bond that you create with each other and will hold onto forever more. Most couples resort to making their children, either a flower girl or  a ring bearer. The reason being they find it difficult to include their children in the wedding ceremony any other special way.
With Unity Sand Ceremony, your child will feel included and special, as you take vows to become a Unit on this auspicious day. It’s the sweetest way of letting your child know the union is not just between you and your chosen partner, but he/she is becoming an essential part of the “new family” as well. This new family “blends” into a single unit as children along with their parents pour the grains of sand into one single vase/jar with the promise of being united as one. Just as the sand grains can’t be divided back into separate jars, the blended family cannot be split as it will stick together  till eternity.
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In my previous blog regarding sand ceremonies, I explained each step involved in the ceremony. For blended families, the sand ceremony becomes a bit different. What I would advise is you choose separate sand colors to represent each family member. Pour them in separate jars and place them near the altar, with an empty Unity Sand Jar in the middle.
You can buy in a set so the entire set serve as a memento of your wedding day, and you can place it in your house. 
Ask an officiant to read the vows for you, your partner and your children to recite as each of you pour the sand grains into a single jar. First the groom pours the sand, then the bride, followed by the children each repeating the vows read by the officiant. Later you can all simultaneously pour the sand grain into the Unity Sand Jar so the sand blends as one, never to be separated again.
Add a unique and personalized touch to your blended family’s sand ceremony. Instead of using jars and vases to use during your Unity Sand Ceremony, you can get personalize unity sand frames. Have a picture taken of the entire family, and pour the sand inside instead. It makes a remarkable memento for you and for your entire family to cherish for good.
Would you consider Unity Sand Ceremony at your blended family wedding? Let us know below!

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