Charming Color Contrasts: Wedding Colors to Adore (Part 4)

A lil’ color, and a lil’ bling for your bright and beautiful wedding!
San Antonio wedding consultants, Principles in Action, have seen all kinds of weddings. We’re familiar with the need of bride and grooms to create an event full of glitz and glamour. However, in doing so, couples forget how much color to add to set the right contrast to the decor!
Most couples that I meet for wedding consultations seem to struggle to create a perfect wedding reception decor. One way or the other, they miss out crucial details; whether it’s the floral design, or the lightening. It is always better to hear your vendors, because it may be your first wedding, but they’ve got a hundreds on their portfolio, to organize a majestic one for you as well.
Your wedding decor is what needs to shine through, and also make you shine through it. Choosing the right color contrast may be the most important decision you take for your wedding, so research wisely.
When working with black and silver “romantic” wedding themes, most couples, especially brides wish to add a unique accent to the contrast so to give the entire palette a great finish. It’s a great addition, one that I have suggested to my brides and grooms as well. The one color that has proven to be a great accent to black and silver wedding themes is purple. The best part about black and silver weddings with purple accent is how the contrast is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wedding reception.
For instance if you hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony, but an indoor dinner reception, you can create both the decor in a flow to match the ambiance. Purple flowers create a breathtaking sight, and when coupled with silver, the glow is quite appealing.
I’ve collected a few wedding inspirations as requested by a bride, and if you have a color contrast in mind that you want me to research on, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll most certainly respond in the affirmative!
Floral & Decor
Bouquet and Boutonniere
Candy Buffet
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