Fuchsia to the Fullest: Wedding Colors to Adore (Part 3)

For your hot and sensual wedding day
San Antonio Wedding Consultants, Principles in Action, know how much a creative thought is required to be put forth to make your wedding day, a joyful experience. With that in mind, we’re bringing you a series of inspired wedding ideas, just to make it all a bit easier for you for your Big Day’s planning!

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There is no doubt that we are going to see a lot of fuchsia in Spring 2012 weddings. It’s one of my favorites which is why I have chosen it today for future brides and grooms to be inspired from. However, fuchsia being quite a bold color needs to be paired with another color so that it doesn’t become an eye-sore for your guests.
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Choosing a wedding color is not an issue if you know how to create a flawless color contrast. To make fuchsia stand out, I advise you to use it as an accent with black and silver. This lets you keep that bold edge while giving you a sophisticated finish to the entire contrast.
Start by designing your wedding invitations in the same color contrasts. Fuchsia accent can be added either as a font to your black and silver wedding invitations, or wrap your  black invites in a fuchsia ribbon so that the hue stands out. Remember: Fuchsia is bright color, a little accent is all you need to make sure the color stands out!
Layla Pocket fold Wedding Invitation Sample - Hot Pink, Navy Blue and White
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With that in mind, you can also design your decor using the same contrast. Starting with the reception, why not bling the guest place cards a bit? There can’t be a better way to wow your guests from the very start.

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While fuchsia is sure to get accepted by your bridesmaids (considering it’s a bright feminine color), the groom and the groomsmen might get a little apprehensive wearing fuchsia. Well, no need for them to don pink when they can simply pin up a fuchsia boutonniere on their black tux. Grooms, wear diamond cuff links to give yourself that crisp and shiny appeal!

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As for your wedding attire brides, give a simple but elegant finish to your white attire with a fuchsia sash/belt. Get yourself a blooming fuchsia and silver bouquet, pair with hot pink stilettos and you’re hot to go!
Bridal Sash BAYLEE - Fuchsia and Spice Orange Peacock Sash
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Your bubbly pink wedding isn’t complete if  you don’t give share the sweetness of the event with your guests. Such a lively event calls for a sweet and candy buffet, and here at Principles in Action we know how exactly to create one for you!

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Need more wedding inspirations? Or have a color in mind that you would want me to explore for you? Let us know, and I’ll be sure to include it for you these coming weeks! Keep visiting the page as I bring you more of the 2012’s hottest wedding colors !!
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