Getting Passionately Peachy With It: Wedding Colors to Adore (Part 2)

Exploring the peachiness of weddings

The Wedding Season is here and the Wedding and Event Consultants, Principles in Action, are armed and ready for it! We all know how brides and grooms would be running around for their wedding ideas, which is why we’re compiling 2012’s most exquisite wedding inspirations, on this very platform!

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I talked at length about making your wedding decor and reception charming with a darker hue – lilac. However, if you’re the one that opts for pastel shades, and want to add a little glitz and glamour to their wedding, they can easily do so with black and silver!
Before you start to think black and silver might be too bold, remember, you’re adding a pastel accent to it, so that’s sure to stand out. Peach is a great favorite of many brides, and is sure to add a blossoming touch to your wedding if you pair it with black and silver. However grooms, you don’t need to don all peach; pin up a peach boutonniere on your black and white tux and you’re good to go!
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That’s not all for you grooms. You too can get inspired with these wedding colors. Why not make a vintage exit with these same hues? Ride in style with your wife, in a classy silver/peach vintage car and woo her with your charm!
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 Your peach vintage wedding is incomplete if you don’t add a royal signature drink for the event! We suggest the Lemonade Co.’s peach lemonade! *YUM* Even better option would be to create a lemonade stand for your guests. It’ll add a uniqueness to your wedding reception, and this effort is sure to win you your guest’s appreciation!
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Design your candy buffet table with silver and peach accent so that it looks inviting. A black and silver candy buffet would be apt as well, as long as you are adding peach accent to the design. It’ll give a nice and clean finish to your candy buffet station, and is perfect if you’re hosting your Spring wedding outdoors.
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Your sweet and peachy wedding would be a mesmerizing experience for yourself and for your family. However, wedding inspirations doesn’t end there. Be sure to check my page as I bring you more wedding inspirations of year 2012! 
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