A Very Vivid Affair: Wedding Colors to Adore (Part 1)

We’re blinging all the colors together
If there is one thing that San Antonio wedding consultants, Principles in Action, love about the weddings are their rich and vibrant themes. Here’s Ansonya Burke, giving you her pick of the 2012 hottest color trends, in hope you’ll find them as lively as she did!
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Choosing a wedding theme color can turn into a nightmare, if you haven’t planned well ahead. You need expert opinion as a LOT of elements need to be considered well before for you to make a final decision. This week, I am going to be giving you a 101 on the 2012 wedding color trends to help you make a sound decision!
2012 is going to be all about the bling; so whichever color you choose, I suggest bling it all the way. The color I have chosen today is black, lilac and I’m adding a little glitz to it with silver. That’s a great combo seen in recent weddings, and if you’re the one holding a rustic vintage theme wedding, this is your wedding color.
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Lilac and silver would make dazzling centrepieces so be sure to make them grand. Use hanging candles or crystals running down your flower centerpieces. If you’re holding your wedding reception inside, that would surely add a nice glow to the seating arrangement.
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However, if you are holding an outdoor reception, add candles for that glowy and glitzy hue to your wedding centrepieces. Do the same on the entrance of your wedding reception, that’s quite an elegant way to add color and light to the reception’s entrance, and the sign-in tables.
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If you’re a bridesmaid or groomsman feeling apprehensive wearing lilac to the wedding, don’t be. You can give your dresses a classy look by opting for a rustic lilac color. That would blend well with the black/silver/lilac theme and you won’t have to go all purple like the rest of the wedding decor.
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Last but not the least, the candy buffet table need to be set according to the same theme; and no that doesn’t mean you’d have to serve lilac candies. Play with your imagination, but don’t over do it. Remember, you candy buffet table needs to look inviting for your guests to visit it. After all, this is your way of showing your gratitude towards your guests, so put your mind and soul into decorating it.
You can add the same hanging crystals to the candy buffet, or simple add light to the area with candles; multiple ways to add bling to your candy buffet table, but do it right. However, if bling is not your thing, you can keep the decor simple as well, it’s all up to your individual taste.
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Lilac and silver wedding theme really had me feeling giddy, what about you?
Feel free to leave a comment below.
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I’m going to be doing  series on the wedding colors so keep visiting the page for your favorite color. Or if you want a color inspiration, feel free to contact me, and I’ll most certainly respond!
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