Sealed With Blessings, Strengthened With Love: Exploring the Charm of Sand Ceremonies

Symbolizing your bond to perfection
Your San Antonio wedding consultants , Principles in Action, are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to make your weddings even grand. Today I am bringing you a sweet tradition that has really taken the wind in the wedding ceremonies…
Come live with me, and be my love,
And we will some new pleasures prove
Of golden sands, and crystal brooks,
With silken lines, and silver hooks.
~John Donne~
As we enter into a new era, we are expected to see new and unique changes to the traditional wedding ceremonies. 2012 is sure to be a year filled with the most breathtaking weddings now that the new generation has altered some of our previously held ceremonies to pave way for changing times.
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[photo credit]
One such that I have noticed is that of the practice of the Unity Sand Ceremony in lieu of the Unity Candle Ceremony. The Unity Candle Ceremony was lighted by the couple to signify the radiating bond between the couple by lightening a candle. On the other hand, the Unity Sand Ceremony is now being practiced to signify the strength and unity of the couple who pour sand into a jar to signify their everlasting union.
To make the ceremony a bit brighter, couples pick colored sand as per their individual taste. The concept is quite simple: 
The sand grains chosen by the Groom and the Bride is placed in separate jars, along with an empty jar. These three jars are placed near the altar where groom and bride are to take their wedding vows. After the exchange of rings, the bride and groom each take hold of their jar; and while reciting their vows, they pour the sand in the empty jar simultaneously.
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Once the jar is filled, it is sealed with candle wax so the sand doesn’t get out. This seals the ceremony as well as the bond between the couple. The union of the two sands is symbolic to the wedding ritual: bride and groom are eternally united, inseparable for life. Just as the sand grains will be impossible to part and differentiate, so will the couple in their lifelong journey ahead.
I am adoring this sweet and trendy gesture and although it is now becoming common in beach themed weddings, you can also hold this ceremony for indoor receptions. You can choose from a variety of jars and have them embossed with your name and date of wedding to make them a wedding memorabilia for yourself. 
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I suggest you have a go at different color combinations before you take your pick regarding the color of the sand as well as the design of the jar. Not all color combinations would look great, and neither would all jars when placed in your home. You may want to use the same color combination as your wedding decor, but remember, this is going to become your wedding keepsake, so might as well use colors that are near and dear to you.
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[photo credit]
Some color combinations that I found striking were black and white, ivory and brown, purple and black, Tiffany blue and white.
Which one would you prefer at your sand wedding ceremony? Leave us a comment below.
Speaking of these classy colors, why not try and place the jar on the candy buffet table?
It’s a great way to involve closest family members to add their blessings to your Unity Sand Ceremony. Guests can choose from your sand grains or you can have sand grains placed in different colors to pour in your Unity Sand Jar. 
Whether you’re having a wedding at the beach or a beach themed wedding indoor, you can add color by creating a magnificent candy buffet. How’s that for a sweet and sandy wedding?
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