Hot, Not and the Exquisite: New Year’s New Trends

It’s a New Season… It’s a New Day…. Fresh Ideas flowing our Way…
From all of us here at Principles in Action Wedding and Event Consultants, San Antonio!
To make your new year, a bit more fantastic, we’re posting our predictions for year 2012 in the wedding industry!
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As a blast of vibrant fireworks welcomes this new year 2012, I give you my blastin’ pick of the hot, not and the exquisite trends we are most likely to see this coming year!
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Starting with the grooms, black tie is going to be making a strong comeback… mostly inspired by the Royal and vintage wedding themes.. grooms, that’s sure to work well. For that crisp and classy look this wedding season, a black tie is all the rage..
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If you believe, it’s going to be too formal, or too dull, pair your outfit with a vibrant boutonniere!
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Speaking of boutonnieres, floral designs were a massive hit this last wedding season, but we might see a bit of change towards the way flowers will be handled this coming year.
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As more and more couples opt to become eco-friendly, so will their weddings become eco-chic!
All those brides and grooms wanting to keep it green this year, can do so at their weddings as well! The idea is chic, and quite clean..Couples looking forward to a Summer 2012, or Spring 2012 wedding, I say, go green!
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If you feel green wouldn’t be too apt indoors, pair the decor with another eco-friendly color to enhance the look. Liven the indoors with a little bling to make the decor look heavenly!
Yep, if I were to sum up the 2012 weddings now, I’d say bling it is! Shiny, shimmering weddings are waiting for us in coming months, so all those couples opting for an evening reception, do it right!
Brides, as your decor glitters, why keep yourself behind all the glitz and glamour..
2012 is going to be grand for you as well..
From shoes to accessories, bling it all the way!
However, nudes are going to be the “IT” deal for bride’s wedding dresses as designers alter the look of the conservative bridal wear…
Designers have played well with the color palettes to bring in nude shades of beige, cream and pastel colors to brighten up the brides of 2012…and I am loving them all…

 Brides, who want to keep tradition alive, worry not. You too can settle for trendy 2012 bridal wear as designers add color highlights to your white attire..
Vera Wang
 To make the 2012 weddings all the more sweeter, we are sure to see a lot of candy and sweet buffets!
Bling, eco or bold.. pick your favorite and make your weddings delightful for everyone!!
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 Here at Principles in Action, to spread further joy and beauty around.. as we enter into the new era…we’ve decided to giveaway wedding gift certificates to the to-be couples of 2012..
Visit us at Booth 211 at the San Antonio Wedding Fair Show on the 8th January, 2012 as there we will be announcing and handing out the certificates to the winners!
Feel free to check out Wedding Fair Show 2012 Giveaways, or log onto our Facebook page!

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