Dark and Delightful: Black and White Candy Buffet

We’re blingin’ it back!
San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants, Principles in Action have a clear motto: To do the best! Even if this means I’d have to tweak up traditions to meet the demands of my contemporary clients.
This New Year’s I am all up for NEW!
When I was looking for great inspiration for black and white wedding dresses for my yesterday’s blog, I found out how a candy and sweet buffet would be perfect for those settling for a Vintage, Classic, Celestial or a simple black and white theme for their wedding.
[Photo credit]
The hues are just breathtaking, and there’s nothing morose in them.
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If set your Black and White Candy Buffet right, even the most conformist wedding gurus would beg to differ with their norm of “no black at weddings”.
[photo credit]
[photo credit]
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However, as I mentioned before, you can always always opt to create a candy buffet for your other events as well. Why keep all the sweetness for weddings only?
Create a candy buffet for your birthdays, Bar Mitzvah, or engagement party!
However, if you believe just black and white might be too dull, why not a add some bling to the candy buffet to make it shine?
[photo credit]
A little bling is all that you require to set the tone right. It would look grand for weddings and engagement parties, or even this new years party!
If you are holding your party outdoors, that’s all the more reason to add candles, shimmer or glitter to your candy buffet, so it sets the mood romantic and shimmering!
[photo credit]
[photo credit]
Candles might not be appropriate (or safe) if you’re setting a birthday candy buffet for a kid’s party. So I suggest, you match the white and black decor with some fun pastel colors to liven the mood up.
[photo credit]
[photo credit]
I suggest you add red, if you want to emphasize the contrast and make it majestically stand out. However, yellow and dark blue would also seem appropriate.
[photo credit]
[photo credit]
When I say bling, I’m no way suggesting you keep everything silver , you can add great contrast with gold as well. Gold when paired with black really shines through to give a classy look to your candy buffet.
To further add a glow to the table, I advise you place your candy and sweet buffet table under a spotlight; that’s quite appropriate if you’re having an evening party outdoors.
[photo credit]
[photo credit]
[photo credit]
I’ve already mentioned my list of do’s and don’ts of creating a candy buffet earlier, feel free to get enlightened!
I’m adoring this new trend, are you?
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