Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This: Picking the Perfect Candy Buffet

We put the oomph in your candy!

Your San Antonio Wedding and Event Consultants, Principles in Action are all geared up for the coming festivities. Which is why, this New Year’s we’re spreading joy and sweetness all around us by giving away a sweet present to you! Read on to find out how you can make your events sweeter with us!

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May it be birthdays, bar mitzvahs, or bridal showers, Principles in Action loves to create glorious ceremonies for you to enjoy for ever more. With changing times, people have adapted to different customs which is why now ceremonies and festivals have become all the more sweet.

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How, you ask?

The addition of candy and sweet buffets really livens up the party and has now become an “eye candy” for all the guests. It gives tradition of serving favors a little backseat as guests get to pick their favorite treats from the mixture.

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This sweet gesture might turn sour if you’re not doing it right. Since we, at Principles in Action, have been providing candy and sweet buffets to a number of customers (much to their contentment), we’ve jotted a few do’s and don’ts of creating a candy buffet.

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DO plan ahead

DON’T leave it at the last minute!

Candy buffet may be the sweetest touch to your event yet you clearly don’t want to take it lightly. There are multiple things attached to the setting of the candy buffet. The last thing you would want is rushing to meet deadlines, forgetting to add your favorite candy in the lot, or rather forgetting the candy buffet altogether!

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DO have enough candies/sweets at the buffet

DON’T overdo it!

Nothing truly suggests your lack of interest in your own party when someone comes up to you and says they never even got a glimpse of candy let alone the buffet! You want people to beg for more, but of course not literally! Have enough of each type so that your guests go home contented with their candy and pleased with your planning.

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DO match the décor

DON’T make it look out of place

There is a reason why theme events have a theme-so you can plan each and everything accordingly. So why ruin the décor with an out of place buffet table decoration? If you are planning a birthday party, a rustic vintage look is so out of question (unless it’s Grandma Maple’s birthday!).

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Use color thematic if you are unsure about how to decorate with a theme. Pastels work best for weddings and anniversaries, whereas you can enhance the décor with bright and bold colored candies and sweets for birthdays and bar mitzvahs.

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DO label the candies

DON’T let guests play “guess the lolly”

As much tasty as the “chocolate covered cockroach clusters” may be, it’s going to make Grandma Maple apprehensive about whether or not to give it a try. It is vital you label the candies to ensure that your guests know what they’re eating. Remember, some of them might be allergic to an ingredient (nuts specifically!) so let them know in advance so the candy doesn’t create any sour moments!

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Mouth watering?
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