Like it? Want it? Click and Win it! Wedding Fair Show 2012

Gracious giveaways for the grand event!

San Antonio wedding consultants Principles in Action love everything about weddings, from décor to destination-we aim high to provide the best for our brides and grooms! This wedding season, we aren’t far behind either. Let us be your partner in creating a wonderful ceremony with glitz, glamour and gorgeousness.

 Wedding planning invites some of the most bizarre situations, all adding to your worries, some little while some being large. Either way, they are tantamount in causing you to panic before you say “I do!”
[Amy DeYoung Photography]

Let Principles in Action help you in planning ahead and making your dream wedding a flawless experience. This new year’s we are giving the blessed couples a chance to win themselves…

·         A wedding gift certificate worth $500 for our Full Service Planning

·         Or if you prefer $250 gift certificate for the “We need a little help” package

·         $250 gift certificate for our Custom Candy or Sweet Buffet

[Limelight Photography]

To win any of these gracious giveaways, all you need to do is…

·         Like us on Facebook,
·         Mention us in your Facebook status, so that we can get you enrolled in the contest,
·         Share it with all your friends and have them like the page!
The more likes, the more are your chances of winning

And let us do the rest…

[Amy DeYoung Photography]

No hassle of printing and bringing coupons to the Wedding Fair Show. One click is all that it takes!

Hurry up, for the contest ends January 6, 2012 at midnight!
Subscribe to our blog and keep yourself updated with the details of the competition!

Psst…want to increase your chances of winning? Comment/Share any of our blog posts via your Facebook account!

For more details, leave your queries below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Visit us at Booth 211 at the San Antonio Wedding Fair Show on the 8th January, 2012 as there we will be announcing and handing out the certificates to the winners!

Click, like, share, and win!

Now how’s that for a Christmas present?

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