Viva La Vintage: The Modern-Day Fairytale Weddings!

A classy ceremony for the chic you

San Antonio Wedding Consultant, Principles in Action, loves creating magical moments for you. Whether you are looking to recreate moments of the past, or want to keep up with the latest trends or like to spice it up with the best of both…we’ve got it all!

The Royal Wedding has really rattled some old bones (figuratively speaking of course!) and the past is coming back with a bang. Vintage weddings have inspired us here at Principles in Action as well, and we’ve picked out a few ideas to make your wedding truly a classic!

There is no need for you to go all the way and have an entire vintage wedding thematic. If you want to add just a bit of that royal charm to your wedding, here’s how you can do it:

~The Ivory “I Do”~

Seal the deal of your never-ending love in a classy ring box, or better still place your rings in a chic ivory cushion. Ivory has always been taken synonyms with strength, so why not use it strengthen your lifelong bond with the one you love? It’s vintage, yet is sure to create a wow moment to your modern wedding.

Ivory Ring Cushion with Diamante Brooch Heart Amore Wedding Rings Box

~The Rustic Request~

You need to be able to entrance your guests with your refined taste from the beginning, even before they attend your wedding reception. How, you may ask? With vintage invitations of course! Get your invitations printed with a letter-press on an old style paper to depict your classiness. Texan couples opting for a Texas-themed wedding, you are surely in for a treat with these!

green and grey vintage-stamps-wedding-invitations

~Elegant Entrance~

You don’t need to have an entire vintage setting; all you require is a creative expertise (which we’ll surely provide you) and you too can add that classy aura to your wedding. For both indoor and outdoor weddings, a pastoral décor really enhance the feel of the event.

Enhance the reception entrance with candles and lanterns, which is sure to make the guests gape at the beauty. This will work best if you’re holding an indoor wedding, or an evening outdoor event.

~ Tasteful Favors ~

Make your guests revisit the golden-era by giving them a taste of the past. Well okay, not literally. But why not present the favors in antique packaging? Use lace ribbonsto tie the favor boxes/bags, or better still wrap them all in lace! That is sure to speak high of your ingenuity.

Organize the candy buffet along the similar lines. Use an assortment of colorful candies in ivory and gold, to give the buffet a striking look. What’s more, set up the buffet table under lanterns to create a glowing hue. Let the guests feel they’re truly attending a royal wedding.

Vintage style candy buffet. via Polka Dot Bride.

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