Celestial Weddings: When You Wish Upon A Star!

For nuptials made in heaven!
The recent Lunar Eclipse really took our attention, here at Principles in Action, San Antonio. Our wedding planners, who themselves aim for the sky, have compiled some awe-inspiring ideas to make your wedding ceremony truly out of this world!
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 ~The Heaven sent Hue ~

The first thing, perhaps, that couples need to decide upon is on the color of the dress that both of them are going to adorn at the wedding. Granted that you are going with the celestial theme, but that still doesn’t resolve what color you would like to adorn on this starlit night.

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While white and silver would work best for the bride, grooms can add in glitter to their attire. Well, not the actual glitter, but diamond or silver cufflinks might just do the trick. You need to keep it classy, while complimenting each other’s outfit.
A little help with a star theme. :  wedding Starphoto
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~Meet Shimmer and Twinkle~

Once the color is decided upon, proceed to plan your wedding décor. An outdoor wedding reception allows you to benefit from the natural setting, and there is not much you’d have to tweak regarding the look. Set a date in line with the Lunar Calendar so that you can get a chance to say it under the full moon!

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However, if you are opting to host it inside, well the sky is the limit. Hang candles from the ceiling and decorate the décor with fairy lights. Use ample lighting around the centerpieces to create a mystical outlook. Place small lamps around the flower centerpieces to add a majestic glow, or add silver and gold confetti on the tables to brighten them up.
A little help with a star theme. :  wedding Starry Night
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~Shoot for the stars~

Your guests need to know your wedding is going to be out of the world (figuratively speaking, of course!) so why not add a little zing with some bling?  Sassy up your wedding invitations and take inspiration from above; emboss celestial symbols (the moon, sun or the stars) on your wedding invitations for that extra sparkle.

A little help with a star theme. :  wedding Our Save The Dates
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A little help with a star theme. :  wedding Star Theme
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~Magical Memorabilia~

End the night the right way, and bid your guests farewell with the stars. There are many celestial themed favors available for you to give out to guests. Let the guests take a little bit of the heavens home with them. Set up a candy buffet for them, and decorate the area with glitter. Use gold and silver candy wrappings, and add the same contrast to the goody bags.

The Eclipse had us swoooning for the constellation. Tell us, would you wish upon a star?
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