Wedding Memorabilia: To Love and To Keep

Sweet and savory bomboniere for your blossoming nuptial

San Antonio wedding consultants Principles in Action are all about adding delightful memories to your wedding ceremony. We are a dedicated team, led by an equally proficient wedding planner, Ansonya Burke, who orchestrates weddings with perfection. With her vast expertise, you are sure to have the wedding of your dreams.

Muslims call it “biddh”,Hindus call it “shagun”; in the West, it is recognized simply as a wedding favor. You may call it anyway you like, the essence remains the same in all. Wedding favors are an integral part of a wedding ceremony to distribute among the guests as token of goodwillfor attending the wedding; and as a keepsake to remind the guests of the blessed occasion they witnessed.
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Most wedding favors include sugary delights for the guests to nibble on during the ceremony and the gesture is indeed sweet (literally and figuratively!). However, that custom isn’t set in stone so you can always use them to serve as a wedding memorabilia. You need to be able to wrap them up nicely for the guests to take away with them. This calls for an aesthetic soul to step in, and take charge for wrapping wedding favors in a delightful manner.

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Edible treats are a much loved wedding favors and we at Principles in Action can’t agree more! Moreover, we believe in doing it differently, hence we present to you some unique ideas that are sure to wow your guests:
wedding favor
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Create a stir!

No seriously, do! Make a blend of your favorite coffee and give them out to your guests! This particular favor is going to be loved (and later enjoyed with delight!) by all the guests. Be sure to add a variety of different blendsfor your guests to choose from, so that everyone goes home happy with their coffee.

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A date to remember

Why not add a bit of the Eastern touch to your wedding favors and give out dry fruits? Raisins, dates, walnuts and pistachios, take your pick and get nutty with it. Sweet or salty, your guests are going to admire this crunchy gesture for ever more!

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Make them oenophiles smile!

The gentlemen are going to adore you for life when they see wine bottles being presented to them as wedding favors. Do it the right (and equally grand) way and knock them guests out (and this time we mean figuratively!) with your superior taste. Give your guests personalized wine bottles and let your gratitude pour from them.

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Nobody minds a kiss or two, and indeed at weddings, chocolates can never become overrated! But why just stick with the kiss when you have the entire Candy land at your disposal? Create a majestic candy buffet for your guests to pick their favorite candies from. Don’t let their childhood fantasy end there. Arrange for personalized candy bags (or boxes) for your guests to take home to munch on later at home.
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