Ladies and Gentlemen-in-Waiting: For A Royal Treatment at A Regal Occasion

Helping you every step of the way… literally!

Need a hand planning your wedding in San Antonio? We’ve got plenty of ‘em here at Principles in Action to make your wedding regal without you … making a move! Your San Antonio wedding consultant, Principle in Action, is with you always, sincerely monitoring your every move!

Hiring a professional wedding planner may just be the best decision you ever made. Their exceptional services are not just limited to providing an expert guidance for the entire event, but they are customized for your special needs as well. Your wedding planner is responsible to cater both the couple’s needs. However, while he/she may be there for you to dutifully assist you with all the nitty-gritty for your big day, you still need someone by your side for your own personal comfort.

The bridesmaid and groomsmen have a limited and a distinctive role to play at your wedding; however if you seek assistance from a lady or gentleman in waiting, you can quite comfortably spend a day without a worry. Ladies and gentlemen in waiting can be hired by your wedding coordinator for your individual requirements. They can pamper you by offering a variety of services, leaving you to enjoy a hassle-free event:

From dawn till dusk
The groomsmen and bridesmaids have a special role to play in weddings; and during the event they are most likely to get busy with other guests, since they are themselves have all the right to enjoy the party. Your friends too, like the other guests, need to be able to have fun on their own. However, you don’t need to feel distressed about losing on their assistance; because your personal assistant is there for you as when and where you need him/her to be.
This alone is a wonderful reason for you to seek help from a personal assistant because he/she is there for you at all times. They can professionally guide youthrough the events proceedings, so you don’t feel the constant urge to call your wedding coordinator for help.

“Be a sport, fetch me a drink!”
While the wedding coordinator will assist you in picking out the menu for your wedding, he/she isn’t going to fetch a drink for you during the ceremony, and nor should you expect him/her too. Not only is that against etiquette but surely the wedding coordinator has already enough on his/her platter to think about serving you. Same goes for your bridesmaid and groomsmen. They are not your “hired services”; they are special guests, and need to be treated with utmost respect as well.

Here, your respective lady or gentleman-in-waiting can provide you with all your little needs so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or panic during the day. This is after all your special day, and you are entitled to enjoy it contentedly.

Tick the checklist!
While your wedding planner is busy dealing with the different vendors, your personal assistant can help you your own personal agendas; from the day of your wedding till you are safely en route to your honeymoon destination. There are multiple things needed to be double-checked and while your bridesmaids and groomsmen are there to help you with them, surely you don’t expect them to keep a constant check on your needs.
To ensure, each and everything that you require, or might require on your wedding day, during the event and even for the day after wedding, your personal assistant can help you with it. Whether that involves scheduling a massage appointment for you, or packing the essentials for your honeymoon luggage; your lady and gentleman in waiting are proficient to assist you in any way you please.

 Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s!
The wedding day might get too overwhelming for you; what with multiple things to take care of. Your lady or gentleman-in-waiting can handle your worriesfor you with ease. Whether you want someone to take (or make) phone calls on your behalf, or to order an in-house massage to calm pre-wedding jitters; you can depend on your personal assistant to arrange that for you.
You can always entrust your respective lady and gentleman-in-waiting to capturing photos of you and the groom with your personal camera. What’s more, they can provide assistance to your bridesmaid and groomsmenas well so that you and your friends can take pleasure in the day’s proceedings.

Hiring a lady and gentleman-in-waiting may just be the second best decision you’ll make for your wedding day. They are quite resourceful and efficient in matters pertaining to the wedding day and can ease up the burden the event might pose for you.

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