Planning a Bachelor Party: The Bash Your Buddy Is Sure Never To Forget!

Bidding Adieu in Fashion!

Your San Antonio wedding planner, Principles in Action is not just about the wedding. We love to do it all the way just for you. Being an Expert San Antonio bridal consultant is one of our feats but that doesn’t mean we don’t cater to you, grooms (or your best man for that matter).

Planning a bachelor party is a duty for every best man, agreed. This is your pals last night being single and should be celebrated in the most illustrious manner. This is that one night, where you need to prove to your friend how much he means to you. The details need to be double checked in terms of safety of the groom and the attending guests. It is after all a night you would want everyone to gladly reminisce.
While you may get the constant urge to give your buddy a great adventure, but be sure to remember the night might just ending up costing you more than you bargained for. And we are not talking financially here. You need to make sure the bride in no way is offended by your outrageous plans; it may be the grooms last night at freedom, so in no way that night should come and haunt him in future. Here are some ways where you can ensure yourself a safe deal while keeping the party upbeat!
Let Loose Without Getting Lost
While the crux of the bachelor party to have extreme fun, a tattoo on your cheek is not at all a pretty sight to adorn on your wedding day. Do not let your pal do something so outrageous that he is sure to regret it once he is sober. Moreover, if you are planning a wild road trip, be sure to know where you are heading; camping and trailing may sound super fun, but a lost groom on those same trails sounds horrific. Get yourself a proper guide who can accompany you, or can at least suggest safe hiking locations for you and your friends.
Everyone Knows What Happens In Vegas
 So why limit yourself to just visiting Vegas, when you have multiple exotic destinations just waiting for you to grace your presence with? Plan a relaxing weekend at a beach in Bahamas, or host a knockout party in Rio de Janeiro or have a crazy night drinking fest in Oktoberfest in Munich!  Give your pal a VIP treatment by making early reservations. Some places require thorough research before you visit them off-season. You don’t want to be stuck in blustery Montreal on the day of the wedding because of delayed or unscheduled flights.
Au Revoir Alcohol
Things (or people) are (most) likely to get out of hands wherever there is alcohol. And at bachelor parties, you would want to avoid such joy-killers. Although according to customs, a bachelor party is organized on the eve of the wedding, but that rule isn’t set in stone. So it is preferable to organize the bachelor party a few days before the wedding. That way, you can avoid the groom turning up in pieces on the day of his wedding due to a hangover. If he does, you might as well bid goodbye to your friend then-the wife is sure never to allow your presence in her home again that’s for sure.

 Hence, being a responsible best man, it is your duty to limit the use of excessive alcohol during the party, and especially keeping the groom away from it. If the groomsmen are going to be drinking late, you can at least ensure their safe return by hiring transportation services. It is sure not to reflect well on you if any of the guests is found drunk driving; apart from being highly dangerous it’s quite embarrassing as well.

Stripping the “Strip”

It’s your buddy’s last night being a single, and since it’s his day, all focus should be on him. However, once you invite strippers, the focus tends to shift towards the (naked) ladies. Your friend may or may not be comfortable with this, but why not try ditch the age old custom of involving strippers at your bachelor party? Its clichéd and ruins any element of surprise your friend might be expecting from you. Why not do something else that’s wild but also acceptable by the bride?

If you really want to get your friends heart racing, take him bungee jumping, or better still organize a sky dive for him and the other groomsmen! For an avid nature fanatic groom, why not take him scuba diving? Remember this is your friends night, do what exactly what you are sure is going to please him the most.

With such an array of amazing choices at your disposal, you are not only going to score yourself the title of hosting a “legendary” party, but are sure to win the appreciation of the bride for being an extremely thoughtful friend. Who said you can’t do crazy without being careful?

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