Dressing the Groom: The Manual À La Mode

Look Sharp, Dress Chic and Spread Your Charm
Who says the guys don’t need a wedding consultant for themselves? We are proud to be acknowledged as a groom-oriented San Antonio wedding planner. We may be hailed as one of San Antonio’s finest bridal consultants, but we’re also there for you, grooms. And we mean it.

Grooms, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look your best at your wedding day; this is that one day, where you should flaunt your style and try to look the smartest. Whether you have always been a meticulous dresser or not, grooms wear is a bit different genre that should always be dealt with care. Moreover, it is advisable that you seek professional expertise because this is not the day to play with fire.


Here are few suggestions for you to keep in mind while seeking wedding attire for yourself:

Seek the “C’s”

Comfort, class and color– we couldn’t have summed the grooming guideline for you in a better way. You need to foremost ensure the attire you are wearing is extremely comfortable for you. That includes picking out the most comfortable fabric and design. Remember youhave to spend an entire day in the same clothing, so might as well double check the quality of the undergarments. The last thing you want to be seen doing on your wedding day is fidgeting.
However, that doesn’t mean you compromise on the design you are choosing for yourself. To look the best, you have to wear the best. Looking classy is important; you might not know but a keen eye can spot an ill-stitched suit from a mile. Make sure your dress is fit to perfection, flawless and enhancing elegance in you.

You may have heard it from us so many times but it is true-color contrast is crucial! You cannot ignore how your wife is dressing up for the day or what the wedding theme is. You need to take them into consideration while picking out your wedding attire. This can ensure there are no awkward clashes on the wedding day; you want to stand out but for your charm and classiness, not clumsiness.

Suit that suits you

Grooms, although you may prefer to wear wedding attire from the best of the fashion designers, it is essential that you first consult an expert regarding the style that is most likely to suit you. Not every designer-made wedding tuxedo is going to be a perfect choice; your body type, height, weight etc. are some factors that need to be considered meticulously. Hence, you need professional expertise to provide a better aid in your decision.

The Accessory Conundrum

Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes, Grooms, you can accessorize! However, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to wear that ridiculous beach necklace you got yourself from Tahiti unless your wedding is beach-themed. Wear smart cufflinks (diamonds are preferable) as they add great sophistication to your shirt. Where a tie is truly man’s best friend, you can always choose to go with the bow as well. Choose what you can carry well and that appeal the most.

Top to bottom style your attire

Your look isn’t complete without the perfect shoes. Unless you find a pair that matches your chosen wedding attire, grooms you might end up ruining the entire look! As always, choose the ones that are easy for you to wear all day long. No, you can absolutely not wear just ANY shoes; you need to match them with your dress to perfectly style your attire.

Sky is truly the limit when you are shopping for your wedding attire. Grooms in particular need to get expert advice because brides have been designing their dream dress since they were kids. There is absolutely no pretentiousness in wanting to wear the best of grooms wear brands, however, for that you need expert advice as well. Choose wisely and with the help of your wedding planner, for since they are planning the wedding for you, they’ll also know how to make you the star of the event.

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