Tips for Planning a Smooth, Stress-Free Ceremony Rehearsal

Here at Principles in Action, we’ve planned a lot of San Antonio-based weddings and we’ve done many rehearsals along the way. For a smooth ceremony rehearsal, you need several things, so we’ve put together a list you’ll need to help stay organized:

  • Don’t forget your marriage license. Your officiant will likely want to take it from you at the rehearsal so you don’t have to stress about it on your wedding day.
  • If you didn’t pay the venue fees in advance, be sure to bring along what you owe so you can be paid in full prior to the wedding.
  • A list of bridesmaids and groomsmen and their order at the altar. This list will make it easier for the person conducting the rehearsal to organize everyone. Always confirm with the bride and groom that the lineup looks good, since sometimes there are family dynamics to consider.
  • A list of the grandparents, parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen in the order they will process down the aisle. If grandparents and mothers are being ushered, be sure to include the ushers’ names next to the people they are ushering.
  • A list of song selections and acoustics for the wedding party noting when the music should change.
  • A copy of the ceremony readings, which readers tend to be notorious for not having at the rehearsal. Email a copy to yourself and have someone open it on their smartphone as a back-up plan.
  • Bring everything you need for the ceremony (guestbook, pen, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, unity candles), so you don’t have to worry about it on your big day.
  • Typed directions to the rehearsal dinner so when the bridal party asks for instructions, you are fully prepared and no one gets lost.

The ceremony rehearsal should be taken seriously, however your wedding party will likely be more casual at the rehearsal than during the actual ceremony, so don’t be too stressed if they don’t stand perfectly. They’ll do an amazing job with attention to detail on the wedding day. Even if the officiant can’t make it, be sure to have a rehearsal at the venue anyway and get in touch with the officiant beforehand to see if they have any special instructions. Don’t hesitate to practice a few times to get things right to ensure everyone is in place!

As always, relax and enjoy the rehearsal and watch for a wonderful ceremony.


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