{You’re Making us Blush} Lots of Love from our Brides & Grooms

Here at Principles in Action we are privileged to have worked with many wonderful brides and grooms in the San Antonio area. We’ve collected these much-appreciated testimonials from some lovely couples from our previous weddings and thought you might want to see what they’re saying!

“From one Groom to Another!

I wanted to take a second, although it may take days to describe how wonderful it was to work with Ansonya. I almost hate to call it work, because she treated us like we were family! We used to have a “full-time” wedding coordinator, but it almost seemed like we had to remind her to do her job, and ask for appointments confirmation etc, since my wife and I had a very busy schedule. With Ansonya, it was a total different story! She was meticulous, organized, had experience, and asked the right questions all the time. I remember coming to work in the morning with some quality emails from her to help progress things.

Ansonya was also really creative. She was able to use some things about us, to add a touch to the whole wedding theme. French is my first language and she used that to make the escort cards, and name tables. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, and Ericka is also very practical, so those things about us were used by Ansonya to come up with the idea of a candy station, which the guests loved, and were able to take something home with them from the wedding that was useful, and enjoyable!

As the groom, she helped me scored some great points by communicating with me often to make sure I had all my action items taken care of. She helped with the exit idea, which were to use bubbles, and that was truly a success! Everyone was talking about it.

Not even an hour into the reception, we were already getting compliments from our guests about how well organized the wedding was, and how Ansonya’s team were doing an excellent job. My wife and I were able to have a relaxing day of the wedding, and were truly able to enjoy the whole experience with our guests!

Ansonya, you made this day a dream come true, and Ericka and I till this day, are having a tough time finding anything that went wrong with it, because it was PERFECT!


Jean-Philippe Kouassi, Groom”

“Dear Future PIA Brides,

I was so pleased with the work that Ansonya and the Principles in Action team did for my wedding on April 16th!.  My wedding was like a dream and I was able to enjoy every second of it. Before hiring Ansonya and her team with Principles In Action, to help us plan our wedding, I was in a terrible situation with another consultant who didn’t/couldn’t do the job at hand. I was feeling disconcerted and stressed about our special day instead of happy and excited.  I was wondering how I was going to steer my fiancé and I back on track. Luckily, after I was put in touch with Ansonya, I was more than excited to have her and her team working with us. I read her website and facebook page and all the brides she’s worked with, was so happy with her precision and attention to detail, and friendliness. She managed my 120 guests and 8 vendors without a hitch and as a result I was able to dance, chat and have fun on my wedding day! Things ran so smoothly and my husband and I were able to save so much money with the things she did for us.

We did not have any idea of what we were going to do for favors and Ansonya came up with an idea to have a Candy Station. It turned out beautifully! It fit our personality perfectly as we have a huge sweet tooth. She also made it our wedding colors which I thought was amazing. As our wedding had a sort of French theme because my husband speaks French, she even added the little details like the Eiffel Tower, and the writing on the candy bags in French just to stay in theme. It was great! The guests only had compliments and she even remembered to put some of my husband’s favorite candies on the side to make sure he had it to enjoy!

Ansonya made this process so easy for us and that put my mind at ease. I can easily be flustered and stressed and I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to work with. She was in constant communication and she had the most attentive style which put my mind at ease. From her services, I received a 3D floor plan with floral design and tables and chairs for the venue. She was always calling regarding my vendors and was in close contact regarding wedding details and simply to check in to make sure we were ok. We were so comfortable with her she was like family! Any question or concern I had, no matter how random she had thought about and was always one step ahead of me. It was apparent to me that she takes the time to get to know her brides and just does something special for each of us.

My advice for those thinking of hiring Ansonya and her team is don’t hesitate and do it! It is one of the best decisions you will make… well after telling your man “yes!” lol.  My friends are still raving about how wonderful the wedding was, how vivid the colors were, how detailed, classy and romantic the setting was. Most of our guests commented that it was the most organized wedding they had been to, and they could tell that my husband and I were having a ball.

I can’t say enough about Ansonya and her team. She got all the logistics out of the way, and I can’t say enough that I enjoyed my whole wedding day! It was perfect! All I had to do was show up and that is a great feeling to have a team like PIA that you can trust like that on your wedding day!

I would be happy to talk to any bride that is considering hiring Ansonya and PIA team for their wedding.  Please contact Ansonya at  PIA for the information.

Happily Married,

Ericka Kouassi”

“WOW!  Great job you guys!  I am a groom that was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Ansonya and her group at Principles In Action.  As my fiancé and I sat down with Ansonya over lunch to interview her I was shocked at what I heard!  She actually took the time to look at me address me and ask what it was that I wanted in the planning and actions of the big day.  This is rare!  By all means this day was to be a special day for my fiancé but there are two people in the ceremony and us guys can easily be over looked.  She took the time to get to know me and what my desires were for the day.  They were prepared for all things pertaining to wedding coordinating and planning.  She was available most anytime we needed her and was prompt and efficient in her correspondence to my fiancé and I.  Yes, she copy’d me on all decisions and discussions which was awesome to feel so involved.  I have looked at hiring Ansonya and her group for corporate events and as far as I am concerned there is NO OTHER I would like to work with.  Thank you Ansonya for your hard work and your friendship, my wife and I have gained a new friend through this whole endeavor which is only one of the cool perks we were fortunate enough to have been blessed with.

Brian Benke”

“A little note from one bride to another,

My name is Vanessa Benke, I recently had the privilege of planning my wedding and marrying my soul mate Brian. As an eager bride to be, immediately after he proposed I began pulling together ideas for the Big Day and wanted no little desires or wishes for our fantasy wedding to go unfulfilled.  At first, I swore we could pull this off on our own…I mean no big deal right? Ha! WRONG! Frankly speaking, as a bride you deserve help! I deserved help! My phone was blowing up with vendors, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the pastor, the church, the venue, the flowers, the photographer, the videographer, the cake guy, the caterer, the band, the quartet, blah, blah, blah, and that was when I realized that this time was supposed to be happy and exciting time, not stressful and overwhelming so…I faced reality and decided to look into hiring a wedding planner. Brian and I sat down and had consultations with a couple different wedding planners and walked away feeling like they wanted to take over our wedding day. They seemed strict and less open to our individual creativity for our desires and wishes about “our” big day (and I just won’t even mention the astronomical rates that were quoted!). Nervously we decided to consult with one more planners, Ansonya from Principles in Action. I knew after a few short minutes of chatting that she just seemed to understand us. She asked a few questions about our personalities so she would know the best way to communicate with us.

She asked what OUR vision was for our wedding day. She realized that the groom often gets overlooked throughout the planning and made him a priority as well! She was a breath of fresh air! We worked with her for several months. She ALWAYS answered my calls or called me back within minutes. I was NEVER left out of the loop on the conversations she had with our vendors. She was patient and sensitive to me during my moments of insanity. The team even constructed a computer generated 3D graphic mock up of my venue  with all my decorations included to help me get a vision of what everything would look like as it came together so I wouldn’t have any disappointing surprises! I loved this! I could rave all day about her and her team but you are a busy bride so I will cut to the chase…She managed my wedding day of 300 guests and 16 vendors with ease, managed uncomfortable and sticky situations with  difficult vendors with professionalism and grace, and allowed us to enjoy OUR evening without a SINGLE hiccup!

Many Blessings,

‘The new’ Mrs. Vanessa Benke”

From a recent happy bride to a future happy bride:

If you want a flawless, magical wedding day, before you decide on the flowers and the cake and the linens and the vows (and all of the other things you didn’t realize you’d have to decide on), decide to hire Ansonya Burke and her team, Principles in Action, for all of your wedding coordination and consultation needs.  If you know of other brides stressed and busy in the middle of their own wedding planning, recommend Ansonya Burke and her team, Principles in Action, to calm their fears, relax their nerves, and take away all of the pressure and stress.  Her expertise, attention to detail, kind words and supportive meetings, careful thought process and knowledge of the wedding industry put her and her team steps above the rest of the coordinators in the business.  She is meticulous behind the scenes, manages vendors with the utmost of care and stops quandaries before they might begin with elegance and steadfastness. Ansonya Burke’s personal goal is to take your ultimate wedding vision and transform it in to real life magic.

Before hiring Ansonya and her team, Principles in Action, to plan our wedding, my fiancé and I were in a terrible situation with another consultant. We were not getting the attention we deserved as bride and groom. The consultant was not listening to our wedding desires and wishes to make our special day as magical as possible. We felt that the consultants were ready to take over our wedding day!! With exactly one month until our wedding, we were without a wedding consultant and felt the pressure mounting by the minute with calls from the florist, the photographer, the bakery, and all of the other vendors we had been working with!  I received a recommendation to contact Ansonya Burke and her team, Principles in Action.  I emailed her and within 20 minutes had an email response and a follow up phone call to chat about my wedding details. Very impressive and far from my experience with my previous wedding coordinator!!  Read on, it gets better…

Ansonya and I were able to chat on the phone later that same afternoon and she seemed so involved and so inquisitive about our feelings around the wedding and what we wanted as a vision for our wedding; not where she believed we should go with our vision.  Ansonya was easy to talk to, gave me information about herself and her background and then focused all of the attention on Clayton and I.  What an amazing thought – to focus the attention on the bride and groom of their own wedding!!  How refreshing!  I was so excited, I called Clayton immediately to tell him that I had found a perfect wedding planner and he said to go with it, so, I asked Ansonya to work with us in the final days before our wedding.

We met shortly after our conversation, I handed over my “wedding bibl,” a binder that included vendor names, phone numbers, contracts, design ideas and all of the essentials to complete the vision of our wedding and we were off to the races.  Within 24 hours, she had contacted and touched base with all of our vendors.  She gave constant feedback, had superb communication and was always in close contact with myself, Clayton and the vendors regarding all wedding details.  When she contacted vendors, I was always made aware of modifications and felt very informed.  She was very professional and attentive to my crazy wedding ideas and last minute changes.  She was understanding and patient with me when I felt overwhelmed and took charge when it was necessary.  I also received a venue mock up 3D floor plan from her design consultant with the floral arrangements and all of the decorations on the tables and chairs set up at our wedding reception venue to preview prior to the day of the wedding.  After seeing that 3D mock up, I was able to suppress my anxiety and fears of not knowing how the reception venue would look the night of the wedding.  This was also a great surprise to see everything finally coming together in the last days!!

On November 20, 2010, I married my high school sweetheart and the love of my life in a romantic church ceremony and amazing sunset reception at one of the highest points in San Antonio.  This could have only been done with the professionalism and extreme care taken by Ansonya Burke and her team, Principles in Action.  Ansonya managed my wedding day of 170 guests and 18 vendors with such ease and grace; she was on top of every vendor, and managed heated and difficult situations without anyone ever knowing.  She allowed Clayton and I to enjoy our celebration fully.

I highly recommend Ansonya Burke and her team, Principles in Action.  Her willingness to help, her attention to fine detail and her execution of perfection will make her one of the best and most sought after wedding coordinators not only in San Antonio, but in Texas and the United States.

God Bless,

Clayton and Kelly Sponhaltz”


We are writing you to thank you and your staff for outstanding work and service making our wedding a success. We decided a week before our wedding that we were going to need a wedding consultant. We needed someone to understand our vision, keep us organized, keep us on a timeline, remind us of all the little details that need to be managed, and to direct a successful execution of our wedding. Not only did we want to have the wedding of our dreams but we also wanted to be able to enjoy this special weekend with each other and our friends and family.

We appreciate you contacting a photographer and a Psalmstrist with a few days notice that worked out perfectly. We were very impressed with your attention to detail and level of organization. You listened intently to our ideas, concerns, needs, and wishes in order to understand our unique vision and circumstances. I think that it is essential for a planner to align with a customer in this way in order to be effective and successful. You obviously understand this! The ceremony was exactly what we had envisioned and hoped for!

We are most thankful and impressed with your outstanding level of service and eagerness to please. You were always very responsive and made us feel that we were your only customers. You exceeded our expectations! We appreciated your willingness to help us in every way possible.

We are confident that you will have tremendous success as a wedding consultant. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would be happy to give you our recommendation.

Chery & Herbert McCook, Bride & Groom”

Dear Ansonya,

When I first started planning my wedding I didn’t budget for a wedding coordinator. As the day grew closer I started becoming stressed about the small details and loose ends that I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own. That is when I started looking into hiring a coordinator. I met with several coordinators before finally choosing Ansonya with Principles in Action. Prior to meeting with Ansonya, I sent her various emails and called her several times. She was very prompt in responding to my emails and returning my phone calls.

When I met with Ansonya I knew she was the one. She sincerely seemed interested in my wedding and my ideas. She was nice yet stern, which made me feel confident that she would keep my other vendors on task. I did most of the planning myself but there were aspects of the wedding that she helped with such as getting price estimates on menu cards and a candy buffet. A few weeks prior to the wedding she and her team met with my matron of honor and myself at the reception venue to discuss layout options and logistics. She and her decorator helped me select the best setup for the gift table, sign in table, head table, DJ booth, guest tables, etc. Promptly after this meeting she provided me with a 3D layout of the venue setup. She made sure that her team was on board with my plans. It was effortless to communicate with Ansonya, which relieved a lot of the stresses that comes with planning a wedding. If I had a change of plans or added a vendor or had questions that needed to be discussed with other vendors I would simply send her an email and Ansonya would acknowledge and address it promptly. Ansonya successfully managed my wedding of 180 guests and 8 vendors. There were a few glitches that were out of Ansonya’s control on my wedding day, but Ansonya was on top of them and those issues were resolved quickly.

Family and friends commented on how accommodating Ansonya and her team were. I would definitely recommend Ansonya with Principles in Action to any of my friends or family members that would like to be stress free the weeks prior to and on their wedding day.


Mrs. Jacqueline Esqueda”

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